Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Baby Shusher Review

When you have a new baby, there's a lot that comes with the territory.  You'll need diapers, wipes, clothes, burp cloths, bottle warmers, and so much more.  One thing that you're given automatically at birth for free is crying.  Babies cry frequently and much more than I realized until I had my own child.  It can be difficult when nothing soothes them and you're out of ideas.  It's time to stop the crying and make your baby happy again.

Baby Shusher is the sleep miracle device designed to calm and soothe your baby instantly. It's a given that when you're a new parent, you won't be getting much sleep.  Everyone tells you this and I can guarantee that it's true.  All babies are comforted by the sound of womb noises, especially the whooshing or shushing noise that they are familiar with from in utereo. The Baby Shusher allows a baby to safely stop crying with a rhythmic shushing noise.  Not only does it calm them down, but allows both you and baby to get the sleep you both need.  Babies cry for a number of reasons including needing a diaper change, being hungry, or even cold.  It does pose a challenge when your baby won't stop crying and nothing you do seems to help.  The Baby Shusher is here to make your life easier and less stressful.  This device is a perfect baby shower present and one that surely won't be at the top of the list for returns.

I've been following the 5 S's for caring for my baby, particularly swaddling and shushing. My daughter seems to instantly calm down when swaddled tightly and being loudly shushed.  I will put my mouth right up to her ear and make shushing noises as loud as possible.  This comforts her and stops the crying.  Your mouth will get tired from making the noise, so I was elated when I found out that there's a device that will do the hard work for me!

An orange miracle 

The unit offers 15 or 30 minutes of continuous shushing that will soon become life saving. There's a volume control that you can adjust to you or baby's liking.  When I received this product, I instantly wanted to try it.  If I'm downstairs in my house, my six week old daughter is usually hanging out in her swing.  The swing primarily calms her down, but sometimes it's not enough and she'll cry.  I don't always want her to necessarily go to sleep, but having her settle down and be less upset is a main priority.  

I used the Baby Shusher for the first time yesterday.  It's a light-weight, compact product that easily fits in a swing or crib.  There's a speaker on the bottom that broadcasts the shushing noise that babies love.  I switched it on and selected the 30 minute timer and turned the volume all the way up.  When selecting which timer you want to use, it's a little confusing since you're not sure which one is 15 minutes or 30 minutes.  There are two different triangles on the product that you have to differentiate from.  I had to end up looking at the instructions to figure out which timer to use.  It would be easier if it was clearly labeled.

Once the product was in her swing, she instantly calmed down in about 30 seconds.  The crying ceased and my fussy daughter turned into the angel baby that I knew was in there. The noise is even soothing to me and I feel like I'd eventually fall asleep to it too if given the opportunity! Scarlett eventually fell asleep which at the time was the goal I was aiming for.  I've noticed that when she's overtired she can't get the sleep she so desperately needs and instead melts down.  Sleep is so important for babies and new parents alike.  I was also able to take a short nap too which left me refreshed and in a clearer state of mind to care for her.

This product is truly fantastic and a life-saver.  Even if you want to just quickly make dinner or clean your house and you couldn't before because of a crying baby, now you can.  The Baby Shusher is a must-have for fussy babies.  The portability of it is wonderful and it's something that should always be packed in a diaper bag or carry-on bag when traveling.  I will surely be recommending it to anyone who's pregnant, or for new moms.  

There's no reason to be stressed out and on edge any longer from a fussy, upset baby.  The Baby Shusher is here to make you and baby happy again and that's worth every penny.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Baby Shusher for providing me with a complimentary product in exchange for this review.  All thoughts are strictly my own. 

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