Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Haba USA Review

This time of year is very busy for all.  Between preparing holiday meals, buying gifts and traveling to see friends and family, we're constantly vying to get everything done at once. If your family is traveling this year, it's essential that they have durable and reliable luggage. Don't forget about your children either! They will love having their own suitcase that they picked out to pack their clothes in. What kind of luggage does your family use?

Haba USA is a gold standard baby and children's brand that is loved by many. They have an eco-conscious approach that aims to increase children's happiness and facilitate development.  The brand creates wonderful toys and games that become cherished objects for children of all ages all over the world.  Choose from many types of toys including blocks, plush and wooden toys, puzzles, dolls, and so much more.  Not only are toys offered but backpacks and luggage too are available.  There's certainly many options to choose from that will delight any boy or girl on Christmas morning.  If you have a child with an upcoming birthday, surprise them with wooden blocks or a magnetic game that will make them smile.  Keep Haba USA in mind for any of your future toy or game needs.  

I was sent an adorable Wildlife Trolley Suitcase in the Wildlife Elephant print for my daughter Scarlett.  Even though she's not here yet, she will be very soon! As soon as I saw the suitcase I fell in love with it.  I instantly imagined her wheeling it through the airport it as we traveled to visit Grandma for future holidays.  The suitcases come in a range of wildlife patterns for boys or girls including turtles, giraffes, rhinos, and more.  Your child will love having their own animal themed suitcase and they will be so proud to use it.

I'm an adorable pink elephant.  What more could you want?

Is your child at that age where they want to be more independent? If so, letting them have their own suitcase is a perfect way to showcase that independence.  This adorable suitcase is perfect for little hands to wheel around the airport or train station with.  Space is certainly not an issue as the interior offers a deep main pocket with mesh pocket and zipper divider. Don't think there's only storage inside either, there's a large zippered compartment on the outside too.  Pack your child's clothes and shoes on the inside while you pack a few toys in the outside storage pocket. 

If you're looking for a cutesy suitcase for your daughter, this is definitely the perfect pick for you and her!  The colors are bright and vivid and full of personality.  I absolutely love the elephant which gives the suitcase an extra zip of pizazz.  The suitcase is easy to wheel and I have no issues with the handle being raised or lowered either.

I can't wait until Scarlett is old enough to use this suitcase herself, I just know she'll love it! What little girl wouldn't? In the meantime, my husband and I plan on visiting my parents in February and I'll pack her clothes in this for her.  It's just too cute to not use right away! 

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Haba USA for providing me with a complimentary suitcase in exchange for this review.  All thoughts are my own.  

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