Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Save More, Spend Less: Saving Money on Holiday Presents

Though its fun to go shopping for loved ones for holiday presents, everything can add up quickly. You may feel like you need to shop for your parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, and friends too. Before you know it you’ve spent a small fortune on gifts and you’re in debt. What’s the point of that? Instead of over spending on holiday presents it’s time to put on the breaks. There are ways to still give your loved gifts during the holidays without over spending. Here are some ideas on how to be creative because it’s time to save more and spend less.

Homemade Presents

If a loved one recently had a baby or you’re a proud aunt who loves her niece, put together a scrapbook of all of your favorite photos. A scrapbook can be found at a craft store for a reasonable price and if it’s too expensive look elsewhere. Once you find the perfect scrapbook you can print out the photos from your home printer instead of getting them professionally printed. Also use stickers and embellishments you already own instead of spending more money on them. There are ways to be creative without spending money on supplies you might not even use on your homemade gift.

Encourage Family Members to Try Electronic Cigarettes

If you have a close relationship with a family member who smokes, why not encourage them to try an e-cigarette instead of a traditional cigarette? E-cigarettes from 21st century smoke will save them a lot of money and you as well if you smoke too.  Social smokers love indulging in a cigarette with a drink once in a while and there are others who smoke more often.  E-cigarettes are not only a less expensive way to enjoy smoking, but they're also cleaner.  Purchase a vapin plus liquid vaporizer pen and e-cigarette refills as a gift for the smoker in your family.  They'll be grateful that you're encouraging them to save money and smoke in a cleaner way. 

Agree on a Budget for Gifts

If you would like to spend less and don’t have the funds to purchase gifts for everyone, have an honest talk with your family members. You can tell them that you would like to have a set budget for each family or opt not to spend money on presents this year. Instead you can go on a nice family dinner and enjoy one another’s company at a fun location, which can be much better than putting focus on gifts.

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