Sunday, October 12, 2014

Jif To Go Dippers Makes An Excellent Snack #GetGoing #Sponsored #MC

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Kids have tons of after school activities these days.  Take a look at your weekly planner and you'll most likely see that your daughter has piano and ballet lessons, while your son has soccer practice.  Once you pick them up from school it seems like everyone's on the go for a few hours.  It's never fun when children are hungry either! Luckily Jif can satisfy your children's stomach and taste buds when out and about.

While I don't have a child who's in school just yet, I know what it's like.  For many years, I babysat children who had to be picked up from school and taken from one various after school activity to the other.  The biggest challenge was making sure their hunger was addressed before we left.  You don't want to give them a messy snack in the car, but having something that's portable is a lifesaver.  Jif To Go Dippers are the answers to your snack prayers. 

If you don't already know about Jif to go Dippers, you're missing out! These handy and portable snacks are just the what you need if you're craving something delicious.  Choose from Jif creamy peanut butter or chocolate silk with pretzels.  Everything is self contained to make snacking on-the-go a breeze.  Throw one in your purse for a mid-day pick-me-up at work, or they make the perfect treat for your child's lunchbox too.  My favorite is surely the chocolate silk with pretzels, but would you guess any differently? I absolutely love the sweet, rich chocolate paired with the salty mini pretzels.  It's a life changing experience for sure! Children will be delighted when they see the Jif packages in their lunchbox or given to them after school. 

Making Jif To Go Dippers as part of your family's snack routine would be a very smart decision.  The next time you or your child is looking for something tasty and quick, let Jif address that hunger.

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