Thursday, September 25, 2014

How to Make Your Own Bingo Games With Your Kids

Every parent, presented with a rainy day and a distinct lack of things to do, is likely to be presented with a small period of internal crisis when the reality dawns that their children are getting bored and soon will turn into little screaming hellions. You need not tread the oft-trodden road of placing the kids in front of a film, however. There’s a simple, fun game that all ages can play; bingo! A game of bingo will not only banish boredom, but will be a chance for some lovely bonding time with your children. Don’t worry though, there’s no need to buy anything special, there’s plenty of free ways you can play.

The first thing you’ll need is bingo cards, the key piece of the bingo game puzzle. These are freely available on the internet for anyone to download and print off; all you need is access to an internet connection and a printer. Sites such as print-bingo offer free, randomised cards, in a variety of languages, and also offer cards that use words, not just numbers, so you can also play bingo permutations such as buzzword bingo.
When one thinks of bingo the first thing that pops in to one’s head is a numbered ball dispenser; there’s no need to buy one of these expensive pieces of kit, however, any random number generator will suffice! is a great little site for getting those sought after numbers for your game, and is completely free, offering a variety of different generators that will help you run any type of bingo game you’d like!

Now many people will have last encountered bingo whilst at school, or perhaps played whilst visiting an elderly relative, though these often boring ways of play need not tar one’s image of the game of bingo! 5 in a row is the most common method of play, put pattern bingo is also a great way to play, where the caller announces a particular patter that players must fill in to win, each pattern changing per round. This way, the game doesn’t end up getting stale!

Finally, you should definitely begin to hone your bingo skills, not just so you can win, but do you can help out the kids if they get in to any difficulty. Recently I have been testing my skills for free at online bingo sites, who offer a variety of different games and styles, for free! Find yourself becoming a bingo pro? There’s plenty more sites where one can play for small amounts of money; you might be surprised at how much you win! 

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