Thursday, September 11, 2014

Goodness Grayson Etsy Shop Review

As my due date draws closer, I've been spending more time getting everything ready for my daughter.    Her closet is filling up with clothes but I still need bibs, burp cloths, and other essentials.  Like I've mentioned before, I absolutely love personalized and monogrammed items.  They set baby items apart from others, plus who doesn't like having their names on things? I feel that every new baby should have as many personalized items as possible, it's simply a must!

Goodness Grayson is an Etsy shop ran by owner Jordan.  The shop specializes in handmade baby items that can be personalized with your baby's name or a phrase on request.  You can choose from burp cloths, onesies, bibs, and washcloths that come in a variety of styles, colors, and themes.  How about a burp cloth with your daughter's name and an owl on it, or maybe a whale bib with your son's name on it is more up your alley? Whatever you choose, it will be adorable.  The shop is open to custom requests if you want something different that's not already offered.  Jordan's handiwork is exceptional and of very high quality.  Anything from Goodness Grayson makes a perfect baby shower or new baby gift.

The shapes are hiding her name.  They won't tell the secret, even for $1,000.000.

I was sent a gorgeous set for my daughter containing a burp cloth, bib, and onesie.  Jordan picked the colors and theme for me so the end result would be a surprise.  I love surprises so this appealed to me.  I received the package very quickly and was delighted to find that she went with an owl theme.  How adorable! The sweet owl is perfect for a newborn baby. Everything came packaged together with a beautiful pink tulle bow. The bib had a chevron pink background featuring a multi-colored owl and my daughter's name on the bottom in script.  The onesie was white and had a salmon colored initial for her first name with her name in blue behind it.  Finally, the burp cloth featured the same owl and her name in beautiful pink script.  I absolutely love the set and it's very special to me that it's handmade. Anything homemade means much more to me than a store-bought item.

The stitching job was done well and there are no imperfections at all. I love the color combinations that Jordan chose, it's very girly which is perfect.  I can't wait to put her in the onesie, I know she'll just look adorable.  The bib and burp cloth will get a lot of use too once she is here.  It's a good thing that they are machine washable! I'm counting down until she's here, twelve weeks or less now!

If you're looking for fabulous personalized baby items, please surf on over to Goodness Grayson's Etsy Shop.  Jordan's waiting for your order now!

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Goodness Grayson's Etsy Shop for the complimentary set in exchange for this review.  All thoughts are my own.

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  1. What a nice review! Well, it's really nice to have your own name in a thing that you own. I also love personalized and monogrammed items too, because they are really cute. And of course, when you are personalizing a gift or a thing, it seems so special.