Sunday, August 3, 2014

Kohl's Review

With back-to-school season on the horizon, parents are gearing up for another school year. Children everywhere are meeting their teachers and buying school supplies.  Even though I don't currently have children going to school right now, I will eventually be on that page.  I always loved buying school supplies and new clothes.  Let your child's personality shine through and let them buy that tye-dye notebook and the polka-dotted lunchbox. They will absolutely love it.

Kohl's is your one stop shop for women, men, and children's clothing.  Kohl's also features accessories, housewares, shoes and much more.  Need a new outfit for your upcoming end of summer BBQ or maybe your daughter needs a new dress for a friend's wedding?  No problem,  Kohl's has you covered.  They have the latest fashions at unbeatable prices. The clothes are made well and last. If you have a new baby or baby on the way, make sure you get all of your newborn essentials at Kohl's.  I'm having my first child in December, and have already ordered many baby items from them.  I couldn't resist, the prices were just too good and the clothes too adorable. I also love how Kohl's always has a sale going on and helps you to save money on the latest fashions. Why not stop on over today and treat yourself to something fabulous?

If you're a working parent, mornings can be tough especially if you have to take your child or children to school.  You have to get yourself ready as well as your family.  Mornings are always hectic and people are rushing to get ready to be at work or school on time.  It is important that your child eat a nutritious and healthy breakfast before school. If you don't have a lot of time on your hands that can be challenging. Whatever you do though, please make sure they don't skip breakfast.  

To support back-to-school breakfasts, Kohl's generously allowed me to choose an item for review that supports this theme.  I ended up selecting the KitchenAid 4-Slice Digital Toaster.  This beautiful toaster is just what you need in the morning to enjoy something warm and toasty.

Push down for deliciousness.

How beautiful is this toaster? I love the shiny stainless steel finish along with the digital temperature control dials.  It's a modern look that fits in perfectly on my quartz counter top. It doesn't take up too much room and is compact.  I used the toaster for the first time yesterday morning to toast my morning bagel.  I was able to choose the shade setting with ease and in moments my bagel emerged perfectly toasted and crispy.  This is just how I like it! The fact that it's a 4-slice toaster means that parents can have breakfast ready at once for each child in the morning before school. This is certainly a convenient feature which saves you time.  Another handy feature is that it beeps a few seconds before your food pops up, which allows you time to get your jelly or butter ready to spread on.  

I look forward to using this toaster each morning for pop tarts, waffles, bagels, and toast. Parents, if you're looking to provide your child with a side to their morning cereal or eggs, I highly recommend toasting their favorites in the KitchenAid digital toaster.  

*DISCLOSURE* This is a sponsored post in which I received a gift card to purchase the item for review.  All thoughts are strictly my own. 

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  1. I am currently looking for a 4-slice toaster to replace the dinosaur I currently own. I'm glad I came across your review. I will be putting this one on my wishlist.