Thursday, June 12, 2014

Supplies Outlet Review

These days it seems like I'm only printing out coupons and store promotional discounts.  I don't use my printer quite as much as I used to, but when I do need it I want to make sure the printing job is as optimal as possible.  I own one of those fancy all-in-one printers that when given the opportunity it can print professional looking work.  Let's face it, printer ink is extremely expensive which can deter people from using their printer as much as they would actually like.  It's time to stop dreading expensive ink cartridge prices and start celebrating them at a lower price!

Supplies Outlet carries over 2,000 different toner and ink cartridges to save you over 60% off of standard retail prices.  Who wants to pay more for printer ink than they have to? I know I don't.  Save money off of ink for your Brother, Epson, Canon, Dell, and HP printer, among others.  The ink works just like any other ink you'd buy at your major electronics store, but for way less money! If you've been waiting to replace your magenta or cyan ink cartridge because of costly prices, it's time to save money and print to your hearts content now.  

I have to be honest with you, once my printer ink ran out I didn't replace it.  I was horrified at the price to replace each color.  I thought someone could go to college for four years for a cheaper price than it would be to replace all cartridges.  So my printer sat colorless for months.  I chose to print out whatever I needed at my office.  Once I stumbled upon Supplies Outlet, thoughts of printed pages danced in my head.

I was sent a variety of printer ink for my Epson Artisan 725 printer. The variety contained truly every color you needed; magenta, cyan, black, etc. If it was a standard color you can bet that it was in the box.  The cartridges looked similar to what I was used to and they snapped right into my printer within moments.  

Discount printer ink is now close to my heart.

As you can see I'll be good with ink for quite some time! Once the printer was up and running I did a test print.  A sheet of paper slid out filled with glorious bright colors. It was like an artist's dream!  I couldn't believe how crisp, clear, and of high quality the colors were. Nothing printed any differently than my standard name brand ink cartridges could do.  I questioned why I would spend money on expensive cartridges when Supplies Outlet is there to keep my money in my wallet.

If you run your own business, buying your printer supplies from this company is an absolute must! I highly recommend them.

*DISCLOSURE* I received complimentary product in exchange for this review.  All thoughts are my own. 

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