Friday, June 20, 2014

Michael Angelo's Review

Italian is one of my favorite foods.  If given the chance, I could certainly eat it everyday.  My favorites are gnocchi, tortellini, and baked ziti.  Who doesn't love perfectly cooked pasta topped with rich and hearty marinara sauce? Don't forget the flavorful cheese either, and lots of it! The only thing missing is a slice of freshly baked garlic bread.  Go ahead and indulge in a delicious plate of pasta tonight.

Michael Angelo's makes the best frozen Italian entrees from real Italian recipes. Don't let frozen food fool you.  These meals are made from scratch in small batches using the highest quality natural ingredients they can find. They lock in the fresh homemade Italian flavors, then it's off to the grocery store within days, not weeks or months like other frozen foods. There are three different categories of products featured in the Michael Angelo's family.

The signature collection offers treasured dishes that have been passed down from one generation to the next. How does risotto bologenese, cheese ravioli, or even chicken alfredo sound? Of course, chicken parmesan, and meat lasagna among many others are also available.  The natural category features unsurpassed quality food that Michael Angelo's also takes pride in making wholesome and nutritious too.  Go ahead and try options like four cheese lasagna, baked eggplant parmesan, stuffed manicotti with sauce, turkey and cheddar calzone, and pepperoni and cheese pizza calzone.  Lastly, the club category is meant for large families and parties when you need to supersize your Michael Angelo's meal! These meals are offered from previous categories but found at your local bulk club stores.

Recently, Michael Angelo's announced the launch of five new large sizes of 100 percent natural meals at Walmart.  You can't go wrong with new sizes of brand favorites for your next party including meat lasagna available in 46 and 80 ounces, baked ziti with meatballs in 44 ounces, and eggplant parmesan in 44 and 80 ounces.  Don't let packed schedules stop you from enjoying quality meals with friends and family.  

I was given the opportunity to review these new meals and couldn't say yes fast enough! I went to Walmart and purchased each dish.  I then invited some friends over that night to help me try everything since there was more than enough food for everyone.

Is it legal to marry baked ziti?

The baked ziti and meatballs were the first dish that all of us tried.  This dish is made carefully with 100% semolina ziti pasta and beef meatballs, and only prepared with ingredients found in an everyday kitchen.  Combined with vine-ripened tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and romano cheese, this Italian classic will have everybody coming back for seconds.  I've never had baked ziti with meatballs before, so that was an interesting new twist.  What surprised me was how fresh this meal was.  It didn't taste frozen at all, but tasted like my friends and I were enjoying it in an Italian restaurant.  The sauce was delicious and tasted full of herbs, the pasta perfectly cooked, and the fabulous cheese was bursting with flavor.  The meatballs were also very juicy and full of great Italian spices.  Not many people wanted to talk while sampling this meal because it was so delicious.  Each bite was better than the last and I soaked up all the sauce with fabulous french bread.

Next, I served the eggplant parmesan.  I have to say that I'm not always a fan of eggplant.  The way some restaurants and people cook it turns me off.  For me to enjoy eggplant parmesan, there has to be not too much breading action going on. Lightly breaded is the way to go.  I wanted to put Michael Angelo's version to the test to see if I enjoyed it.
Hello, eggplant!

This family-treasured eggplant parmesan recipe is made with fresh, lightly-breaded eggplant and just the right amount of tomato sauce.  It's topped with mozzarella cheese and sprinkled with a blend of imported parmesan-reggiano and pecorino cheeses.  Again, Michael Angelo's did not disappoint! The eggplant was lightly breaded just like I liked it.  The breading was noticeable, but did not mask the flavor of the true star of the show which was the eggplant.  The eggplant was fresh and had a great mild flavor.  The cheeses and tomato sauce were once again excellent, and the dish was very fresh. 

Lastly, we all tried the meat lasagna. I love lasagna and rarely eat it, so I was really looking forward to trying it. A true treat if I do say so myself!

My taste buds and stomach agree that it's love at first bite.

The meat lasagna is Michael Angelo's best seller made with pecorino romano cheese, imported from Italy.  Fresh beef, vine-ripened tomatoes, and a secret blend of herbs are sauteed in imported olive oil. The 100% percent semolina lasagna noodles and premium cheeses are layered to make the best pre-made lasagna dish around. This dish was my absolute favorite hands down and I can definitely see why it's their best selling entree.  The thick lasagna noodles paired with the blend of spices, beef, cheese, and sauce was just out of this world.  My mouth hadn't tasted something this fabulous in a long time! The lasagna was dense and very hearty, certainly a dish that will fill you up fast if you're hungry.  I gobbled up my portion in no time and went for seconds.  I very rarely have seconds of anything! My friends were also very impressed with this dish and couldn't believe it went from my freezer to the oven.  They were sure that I secretly cooked it myself! 

Everyone really enjoyed the dishes from Michael Angelo's and by the end of the sampling party we were all stuffed! I'll definitely be buying products from this brand again in the future.  Please keep Michael Angelo's in mind for your next family or office party! Don't forget the garlic bread and of course dessert too.

*DISCLOSURE* I received a gift card to purchase these meals at Walmart.  All opinions are solely mine.  

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