Friday, April 25, 2014

Write with the Opportunity to Win!

Have you ever been told you should be an author or publisher? Were you most excited out of anyone when you received writing assignments in school? If writing is your strong suit, why not write with the opportunity win cash?

The Shower Blog is waiting for you to be its newest member! They offer cash prizes to the best written entries every month.  Don't worry about any fees or membership dues, registration is free.  The blog hosts writing contests on a monthly basis, so that means you have a shot every month at winning cold, hard, cash!

Whether you like to write fiction or non-fiction, satirical or news stories, submit your best work.  After you submit your stories, you await the results.  Who knows, you might just walk away a lucky winner! The top 3 entries in each of their 7 categories are awarded the cash prizes, so this means 21 cash prizes are awarded every month.  You have a really great shot at winning.

Every new contest begins on the first day of the month, ending on the 25th.  You may write a multiple number of times for various categories to improve your chances of winning.  A bonus is that you're eligible to win more than once in a month.  All winners will be contacted by email and paid via PayPal.

What are you waiting for? Get those fingers to typing and submit your best work! Be sure to keep an eye on your email because you might be a lucky winner.

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