Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mohawk Home SmartStrand Carpet Lets Puppies be Puppies at the PuppyBowl

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I can't resist a cute and cuddly animal, especially a puppy.  A puppy playing with a squeaky toy or chewing on a hard bone just makes my heart melt.  Dogs are just so precious, not to mention tons of fun.

Living near New York City definitely has its perks for pets.  There are large dog runs with ample space to run, doggie boutiques, and of course tons of dog spas! I was fortunate enough to be invited to the 10th anniversary of the Puppy Bowl in Manhattan last weekend.  I had never seen the Puppy Bowl before, but I knew I would fall in love with puppies playing together in the middle of a football field!

From the minute I walked into the event, I knew I was in dog heaven.  There were many stations inviting you to partake in puppy themed fun activities and games.  The most important station was the Mohawk Home carpet station.  Mohawk Home was the official carpet sponsor of Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl X.  They provided their new and effective Smart Strand carpet for the puppies to play on.  Puppies bring lots of mess and dirt, but the carpet is no match for dirt and grime.  Smart Strand is the only carpet with engineered stain protection at the molecular level.  This means that the stain and soil protection is built into the carpet fibers themselves, so it will never wash and wear off.  The carpet is extremely soft and inviting too. What puppy wouldn't want to lay on it? 

One of the coolest aspects of the Puppy Bowl was the time that I got to spend with Mo, the Mohawk Home mascot.  I'm always up for #SharingMoLove.  He was so adorable and very well behaved too.  Everyone was taking pictures with him and he sat so patiently while everyone got their turn with him.  I  know my dog wouldn't have tolerated sitting for that long.  

After I was finished petting Mo, I made my way over to the Puppy Bowl area.  This was a large stadium type area complete with bleachers.  Many people were cheering on the puppies and watching them play and bark.  This was just the cutest thing I've ever seen, hands down.  The tiny puppies were throwing around balls, frisbees, and squeaky toys.  I loved watching the puppies play and jump all over each other.  This was certainly a fun experience for me.  

The wonderful thing about the Puppy Bowl was that the puppies were all available for adoption.  Surf on over to Mohawk Home's Facebook page.  For every new "like" Mohawk will donate $2 to a pet adoption charity to help the puppies find permanent homes.  

Mohawk gave me Smart Strand carpet samples to show that stains were no match for it.  I used marinara sauce and chocolate syrup on the carpet squares.  I let each stain sit for 10 minutes to seep deep into the carpet.  I then cleaned it with just soap and water.  Take a look at the results! Anyone knows chocolate and marinara sauce are two stains that are especially hard to get out.  I was extremely impressed.

If you're thinking about getting new flooring in your home that can hold up against both kid and pet stains, Mohawk Smart Strand is the way to go.

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  1. I love the Puppy Bowl and this experience seemed like so much fun. I love that you used chocolate on the carpet because that is a TOUGH stain to get out. #client