Sunday, February 23, 2014

Kohl's Review

I honestly cannot wait until winter is over.  We've had a snowstorm every week practically since the beginning of the year.  I'm sick of the slush and ice and am looking forward to seeing grass again.  Spring is certainly on the horizon and it's warming up in some areas of the country.  It will be very enjoyable to wear Spring clothes and a lighter jacket.  It's essential to welcome the new season with some additions to your wardrobe.

Kohl's is your one stop shop for women, men, and children's clothing.  Kohl's also features accessories, housewares, shoes and much more.  It's truly a shopper's paradise and my favorite store!  Need a new outfit for Easter, or maybe your daughter needs a new pair of jeans for school?  No problem,  Kohl's has you covered.  They have the latest fashions at unbeatable prices. The clothes are made well and last, and they are always having a fabulous sale.  Easter and Spring is rapidly approaching.  Do you have all of your decorations ready to display soon? Make sure to consider purchasing your bunnies and signs from Kohl's.  Don't forget serving trays and platters for your Easter meal either.  As you can see, Kohl's really does have it all.  I think I'll surf on over to Kohl's right now to see their latest offerings!

The colors of spring are traditional pastels such as pink, blue, purple, and yellow.  Since the earth comes back to life during this season, it's essential to welcome it with warm colors. Kohl's has introduced their Wink of Pink program, which offers trendy and unique clothes and accessories in Spring colors.  Why not purchase a new Spring dress or coat? You'll surely love it.

Kohl's generously let me choose some new Spring clothes for review.  I can always use new clothes, and every girl enjoys shopping so of course I loved the opportunity.

Look at me.  I'm stylish and ready to be worn with tights and a great pair of black boots.

I actually have this same Daisy Fuentes scroll print in a long-sleeved shirt.  I love the print and thought it would be fun to have it in a dress too.  The dress fits me very well and is comfortable on.  The belt helps to tie the dress together.  I do regret not purchasing it in a petite version, which I found out Kohl's carried after I bought it.  The dress is slightly long on me, while it's probably a normal length on a person who isn't 5'0.  Having a dress with an already attached belt is very nice and saves you time on trying to pair a belt with it.  I love the scroll print combined with the animal print, it's very much my taste. The colors are bold and vivid too.  Since this is a perfect dress for work, I wore it to work the other day with black tights and boots.  I got many compliments on and it and everyone wanted to know where I bought it! I told them Kohl's of course.  Once you pair this dress with gold accessories like the model has, you're good to go.  You can transform this from work to play easily too.

Everyone loves polka-dots.  Please admire my polka-dot beauty.

I've loved polka dots for years.  They are one of those classic prints that never go out of style. This Lauren Conrad top fits me well and is not form fitting which is welcomed by me.  The black is a deep rich color with bright white dots dotted all over.  I think the top would look perfect paired with either denim, black, or white skinny jeans.  For shoes, try black boots or flats.  Pair it with either gold or silver jewelry too to complete the look.  If you want a true pop of color, why not wear red earrings? Be unique and dress this top up to showcase many different looks.

Pair me with black jewelry for a stylish look. Do you love my shade of blue?

This dress is so cute.  I love the contrasting dark and light blue stripes.  It fits me very well and I like the way it looks on.  It's quality made and will last for some time.  I would pair this dress with tights and heels now, but it could be paired with flats or nice sandals in the summer when it's warmer too.  Black or silver bangles and black chandelier earrings would make this one hot look.  Dress it up or down for work or play too.

These shorts are made for fun days in the sun.

Even though it's unimaginable right now, soon enough winter will end.  You'll be able to wear shorts in late spring and it will surely be a glorious event when that time comes.  I know I'll be looking forward to it.   Shorts are such a diverse article of clothing.  You can wear them with practically any top and shoes and it will look great.  The dark denim is great and the shorts fit me well.  I don't think I'll be keeping the attached belt on.  I'm counting down the days until I can wear the shorts, but until then they will stay in my closet.

As you can see,  I was able to purchase a diverse amount of clothes for my various needs in the Spring. I'm excited to have some new pieces and can't wait to regularly wear them.  I highly suggest going to Kohl's and making your closet happy with some new additions.

*DISCLOSURE* I received a gift card to purchase items of my choosing in exchange for this review.  All thoughts are strictly my own.  

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