Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bugsy's Box Review

My dog Carolyn's entire world consists of treats and toys.  Nothing makes her happier than a delicious beef flavored treat, or a new squeaky toy.  She entertains herself for hours by throwing her toys around and running after them.  Carolyn is the light of my life and I want nothing more than for her to be as happy as possible.  I regularly purchase her new treats or toys to guarantee her happiness.  I feel it's important to show your pet that you care about them on a frequent basis.  Go ahead and delight your pet to a new toy today.

Bugsy's Box is a monthly subscription box for dogs.  For one low price,  treats, toys, and more will show up to your door and make your dog's tail wag like crazy.  This is a fantastic gift for dogs or puppies.  You have the option of choosing a box with contents geared towards your dogs size and weight.  Any dog will be so excited to gobble up new treats and chew on a new bone or toy.  These boxes make the ideal gift for a new dog owner, or even a pup's birthday! The best part is that you have no idea what's inside until you open it.  Your dog will love a fun surprise.

Carolyn was generously sent a Bugsy's Box which arrived today.  As soon as I received the box, I told her it was for her! She very rarely receives mail so you can understand her enthusiasm.  I had no idea what was inside, but Carolyn is very easy to please so I knew she would love it.

We opened the box together and Carolyn went nuts.  She was sniffing each item and wanted everything all at once.  She tried to run away with a bag of treats in her mouth! It's a good thing I'm faster than her.  I was happy that she seemed to love everything that was received.

Carolyn says, "Hi everyone! This is my Bugsy's Box contents.  I was sent a rubber toy, calming dog spray, chewy sticks, and two bags of assorted flavors of treats.  I want to eat an entire bag of treats at one time.  I think my mom will have no problem with that." 

She absolutely loves the rubber dog toy, it was the first item I gave to her.  It bounces high and she has no issues with playing with it.  The size of the ball is perfect for her mouth and she loves playing with it.  As it gets warmer, this toy would be perfect for throwing around outside in the park.  Carolyn loves to play fetch.  I can see her loving this time for some time to come.

I have not tried the calming spray yet.  She gets a little nutty at night when my husband and I are trying to sleep, so this would be great to try right before bed.  I'm hoping it will calm her down and relax her to sleep.  

NO.  I will not share.  Don't even ask. 

I gave her one of the chewy sticks which she practically ripped out of my hand! I regularly give her chewy sticks so she is no stranger to those.  Her love for chewy sticks on a scale of 1-10 is definitely a 900.  She happily went to town chewing away at it while wagging her tail.  It seems to me she certainly loved it. The stick wasn't too big so she didn't have any problems eating it.  

Just give me the treat already.  No more pictures.

Lastly, I gave her one of the all-natural Smart n' Tasty duck with sweet potato treats.  These contain US ingredients and over 70% duck meat.  They also have no grain, soy, or dairy either.  It's important to me  to feed Carolyn delicious treats with natural ingredients.  I want her to live a very long and healthy life and nutrition is key.  I've never seen Carolyn not eat a treat, no matter the flavor.  I do believe her veins are filled with treats, and not blood.  The size of the treat was perfect for her size and she gobbled it up instantly.  She was licking her lips afterwards so it seems like the odd pairing of duck with sweet potato was a hit with her.

I look forward to trying the other bag of treats and calming spray on Carolyn.  Bugsy's Box is a wonderful subscription box that your dog would go woofin' crazy to receive! Why not sign up today and receive lots of licks in return?

*DISCLOSURE* I received a complimentary box in exchange for this review.  All thoughts are my own. 


  1. How cute! I think this sounds like a great subscription service. I will consider it when I get my next dog. Thanks to Lynnie for an outstanding review!