Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Boneo Review and Giveaway

My dog Carolyn is my four-legged child.  Just as a parent cares about their two-legged child's health and nutrition, I focus on making sure she is as healthy as possible.  I routinely give Carolyn vitamins and minerals, as well as fruits and veggies. The best thing you can do for your dog is give them a happy, full and long life. 

Boneo Canine Maintenance Formula is an innovative new supplement that helps maintain strong bones and healthy joint functions in dogs.  These tempting liver and sausage flavored chewable tablets are powered by Neo-portin complex, a blend of ribonuclease enriched lactoferrin, coenzyme Q10, and B-Glucan.  This patented technology has been shown to enhance bone turnover, maintain bone strength, and promote joint comfort.  The tablets also support healthy cartilage and connective tissue function.  The canine formula is fortified with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.  As you can see, this tablet is the best thing you can give your dog for optimum nutrition and health all around.  You can give your dog the tablets for short or long term use, and it's safe for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds.  Go ahead and start your dog on Boneo today.

Carolyn was sent a bottle of Boneo Canine Maintenance Formula.  For her size, the bottle instructs her to have 2 tablets a day.  There are 90 tablets, so this is a 45 day supply.  Carolyn loves any kind of treat or medicine that tastes like food, so I knew she would have no problem enjoying these.  It's definitely a win win for your dog to enjoy something with such nutritional benefits too.

Liver and sausage? Yes, please!

I gave Carolyn a tablet for the first time yesterday. The tablet is large, round, and yellow.  There was not even a two second window between her sniffing the tablet and happily gobbling it up.  She ate it so quickly and licked her lips and looked at me for more. Luckily for her, she was allowed to have another!

It's clear to me that she really enjoyed the tablets.  When it was time for me to give her the tablets this morning, she was extremely excited.  I shook the bottle at her and she went nuts. I guess someone is really a fan of liver and sausage! I'm very happy that she's able to be excited over something that's so wonderfully nutritious for her.

Nothing comes between me and my love for Boneo.

I look forward to continuing to give Carolyn Boneo until her supply is empty.  Of course I will be ordering more afterwards.  If you're looking to give your dog the boost of nutrition that they need, I highly recommend Boneo.

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  1. I would like to win this for my dog because it is a new to me product and his health is important to me

  2. I worry about Starbuck's health and wellness, too! She's so little (less than 13 pounds) and sometimes I worry that there's enough nutrition in the food/treats we give her. I love that there are companies out there who recognize our commitment to our pets!

  3. My dog has some health issues so this would help.

  4. I have a 12 year old springer spaniel - this would be nutritious for her

  5. Nutrition is important for all our pets. It's nice to know that we are covering the daily needs in a treat format that your Caroline clearly approves. I'm sure Max will agree.

  6. This would be great for a young, growing dog! We have a pit mix that's just around a year old, and still growing!

  7. My dog is at times a picky eater

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  8. brutus is having trouble getting up in the mornings. He is getting old and needs a good joint and bone supplement.

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  12. I would like to win it for my small dog. she is 10 years old and with the cold it hurts her to walk to much.