Friday, January 3, 2014

Pish Posh Baby introduces 2014 Collection

In honor of new products for the new year, pre-orders will be available starting January 1st for a range of new strollers.  Products will ship in February.

As I mentioned earlier this week, Pish Posh Baby is headquarters for everything baby.  If you are in search of a new stroller or know someone who is, please check out the below options to preorder.

These strollers are great for a mom who wants to go on a run with her baby, or parents who want to simply take their baby for a walk in the park. 
*DISCLOSURE* This is a sponsored post.  All thoughts are my own. 


  1. Such chic looking strollers! I love the modern look. So different from what strollers looked like when my kids were babies.

  2. Fantastic Baby joggers!!!!! Immediately i will buy one!I would not be without mine. So glad i bought it. I have had it since my son was about one, and he is now 2 and a half.thanks!!

  3. I love this item so does me grandson light weight easy to get on off bus easy folded best buy ever. Thanks a lot for this useful post! Really awesome strollers i am looking here!!!!!! Again Thanks!Check out the best baby carriers for hiking reviews. Thanks!