Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall Travel Tips

Do you have an upcoming trip to see family or friends this Fall? Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching and I know many people already have plane tickets booked for the holiday.  If you're traveling at all this Fall, it's essential that you have the below Fall travel tips in mind as you pack.

Jacey Duprie, of Damsel in Dior is now the spokeswoman of Seven Daughters Wine Savvy Seven blog panel. She has come up with some essential packing tips that will really benefit you.

Before every trip, I treat myself to a night in bed to sip some Seven Daughters Pinot Noir and flip through magazines for outfit inspiration. I also make a list of different outfit options so that when it comes time to pack I feel prepared and have a good understanding of what to bring.
Seven Tips for Packing for Fall Vacations:


Pick a Color. Pick one shoe color and stick with it as the base color for all your packing. This will help narrow down your outfit choices to either match black or brown. You only need one heel and one flat.


Three's Company. You shouldn't need more than three pairs of pants: One jean, one legging and one nicer pant. If you are a skirt girl, skirts fall into the Three's Company rule too. Focus on mix-and-match tops and pants to stretch your outfit potential. 


Cha-Cha-Chambray. My no. 1 pick when traveling is a chambray shirt. It can be worn as a base layer, middle or top layer for chilly nights. Plus you can belt or tie it for a different look.


Avoid Bulky Sweaters. Pack thinner blouses, cardigans and tops that allow you to layer up different combinations and avoid the bulkiness of sweaters in your luggage space.


Store It. Store jewelry and other small items inside your handbags to create more space for clothing.


Wear it Out. Wear your big coat and chunkiest pair of shoes on the flight, as well as any scarf or hat you may be traveling with. It might be a lot to carry, but it makes packing much easier.


Liquidate. Be sure to store any and all liquids in a sealed zip-lock to avoid any disasters…and airport security! Plenty of brands offer fantastic travel-sized beauty and skincare products that will be TSA approved, from Smashbox to Laura Mercier.
Happy traveling!

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