Monday, September 2, 2013

Beano Be Natural Virtual Cook-off

One topic that nobody likes to openly discuss is gas.  Everyone from time to time gets gassy from the food they eat, it's only normal.  There's no reason to be ashamed of this though, there are products you can use to alleviate this issue. Rejoice in the fact that you can now regularly enjoy your favorite foods again gas free, thanks to Beano.

Beano contains a natural food enzyme that helps prevent gas before it starts.  Beano is not a drug by any means.  The product works with your body to break down the complex carbohydrates in gassy foods, like fresh vegetables, whole grain breads, and beans.  In turn, this makes them more digestible.  Beano enables you to enjoy your favorite healthy foods anywhere, without worrying about gas.  The tablets can be chewed or swallowed with water.  Just take the tablets as directed when you're eating meals with foods that can cause gas.  If you are not someone who takes pills well, Beano Meltaway works the same as two Beano tablets.  Just place it on your tongue before your first bite and it will melt away in seconds with a smooth, light flavor to help prevent gas from happening.  Don't forget to take Beano with you when you travel with Beano To Go.  Never fear, gas is gone when Beano is around! 

I was recently provided with a fabulous opportunity to be a part of the Beano "Be Natural" Virtual Cook-off. This means that by mid September, Beano's judging panel will pick five finalists and judge the recipes based on taste, presentation, nutrition, naturalness, and gas potential.  These finalists will receive a set of all-natural cookware.  Then, our community will help select one grand prize winner by voting on Facebook.  The winning blogger will receive a trip for two to New York City to attend classes at the Natural Gourmet Institute.  

A handbook was provided to me with ingredients to use in my recipe.  I was instructed to include at least five of the following all natural, gas-inducing ingredients.  There were many items under the categories of grains, vegetables, and beans.  I surveyed my options under each category and decided to make a salad using lettuce, onions, cucumbers, chick peas, and peanuts.  I also included shrimp in the salad to make it a main entree for dinner.  

After I bought all of the ingredients, I assembled the salad.  I also took a Beano tablet because chick peas usually are a gas-inducing food for me.  I know that may be too much information, but hey it's a requirement of this post! :).  I was interested to see if the tablet would hold up against those chickpeas.

Hello delicious dinner! Get in my belly!

As you can see, my five main ingredients combine into a fabulous looking salad.  I'm a big fan of salads and make them whenever I can.  I am happy to announce that the beano worked very well and warded off any gas that usually occurs from eating chickpeas.  This made for a much happier Sammi! My salad was delicious and I enjoyed it a lot.

I look forward to the next steps of the virtual cook-off.  I will be keeping everyone updated!

*DISCLOSURE* I am participating in a sponsored campaign for Beano. I received promotional items and Beano products in exchange for my participation.  The opinions stated here are my own.

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