Monday, August 19, 2013

Vet IQ Review

As you all know, right now I have no children.  My dog Carolyn is my four legged child.  I rescued her back in June and she is just the light of my life.  She is spoiled beyond belief and even sleeps in my bed.  Her toy box is overflowing but that doesn't stop me from buying her more.  I have no idea what her previous life was like before she came to me, so I want to make her as comfortable and happy as possible. Why not spoil your furry friend? They want nothing in return but unconditional love and affection.  Vet IQ knows how to make dogs tail waggin' happy.

Vet IQ provides quality medication and supplements for your pet at affordable prices.  The main products offered are flea and tick prevention, prescription medication, and treats.  I really like how the treats aren't just ordinary yummies, but treats that help dogs' hip and joints, teeth, skin and coat, and also contain vitamins and minerals too. It's important to take excellent care of your dog to guarantee they will live as long of a healthy life as possible.  If you're looking to make your dog smile, why not order them some treats today?

Carolyn regularly eats Iams proactive health treats.  I like knowing that she's enjoying a treat that not only tastes good, but has beneficial ingredients to her health as well.  

I received an offer to review two products from Vet IQ recently.  I knew Carolyn would be thrilled at this offer and I chose the Vitamin Chews and Minties for her.  I'm always interested in including more vitamins in her diet. As for the Minties, what pet owner doesn't want their dog to have nice, fresh breath?

The package came extremely quickly and I loved how it was addressed to Carolyn! Since I knew it was for her, I put it down on the floor to see if she could smell the treasures inside.
This is for me? What is it Mom? I hope it's not a personal invitation to see the vet!

Once I opened the package, she was extremely excited.  She knew the yummies in there were for her and she went nuts!

Both are for me!? I think my tail might fall off from wagging so much!

The Vitamin Chews are liver flavored soft chews that are wheat free for dogs of all sizes.  The treats support overall health, strengthen bones, muscles, and teeth, and promote vitality.  The Minties are free of wheat, soy, and corn.  They are for dogs 10-19 lbs and they help to clean teeth, freshen breath, and remove plaque and tarter.  

Carolyn is a huge treat girl.  She would eat an entire box of treats if I let her.  I give her a treat every time she goes to the bathroom, and also just for being a pretty girl.  I was interested to see if she'd like these.

I first gave her a Vitamin Chew.  The bag contains 75 treats which is a decent amount given the small size.  
Did someone say treat? I can smell a treat from 500 miles away!

What I instantly liked about these treats was their petite size.  They are not too big for her, but honestly the perfect size.  She is only 16 lbs.  They did have a strong smell that I noticed when I instantly opened the treat bag.  I gave her the treat and she seemed to love everything about it.  She gobbled it up and probably would have eaten my hand too had I not moved it! She is treat obsessed.  As soon as she ate it, her tail wagged furiously and she smiled.  That's confirmation enough that she liked it! These treats are the perfect size for putting into a zip-loc bag and bringing to the park for behavioral training.  I really love that these treats help to make her happy, but also make me happy because they are very good for her health. These will be a regular in her treat jar. 

As pet owners know, our dogs breath isn't always pleasant.  To help ward off bad breath, I give Carolyn a breath refresher tablet daily, and I also put a liquid dental care solution meant for dogs into her water.  Both of those routines really help her breath, but sometimes it still isn't the freshest.  I was really interested to try Minties to see if it works. The bag contains 10 large bone shaped treats to help make your furry baby's breath smell like minty heaven.

Can you tell someone really loves their treats? 

The first thing I noticed when I opened the Minties bag was that the treat looked and smelled like a giant bone shaped breath mint. Carolyn went absolutely nuts for this treat as well, as you can see by the picture! Her eyes are popping out of her head.  She licked at the treat and then went to town.  I was happy she liked the treat so much because it would surely help her breath.  The treat is small enough for her to easily eat and chew.  After she was done with the treat, I went over to do a breath test.  Her mouth smelled like she ate a package of spearmint mints! She must have known I was checking on her because she gave me a minty kiss which didn't smell foul at all.  I was very impressed with the instant boost they gave her.  I will definitely be keeping these around anytime her breath needs a kick of freshness.

I am very satisfied with these treats and I'd highly recommend them to any dog owner.  Your dog will go woofin' crazy for them.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Vet IQ for providing me with the complimentary treats.  All thoughts are mine/Carolyn's. 

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