Monday, August 12, 2013

IMUSA Review

Coffee and espresso are one thing that goes quickly in my household.  My fiance drinks tons of the liquid caffeine and I find myself always buying new boxes of K-cups for our Keurig.  I recently purchased an espresso machine and I've enjoyed having my own personal Starbucks in the kitchen.  Of course you have to have the adorable little espresso cup and saucer set to complete your coffee experience.  To make my coffee routine complete, I turn to IMUSA.

IMUSA is the leading brand of Hispanic housewares and culinary brand ambassador of international cuisines.  The line of cookware is innovative, authentic and affordable.  IMUSA's products help bring the abuela's (grandma's in Spanish) recipes to life while also capturing the adventurist spirits of culinary dreamers. The product line includes tortilla warmers, steamer pots, panini makers, pots and pans, rice cooker and so much more. There is definitely something available to help you begin your culinary passion in the kitchen.

Since I've bought my espresso machine, I've noticed an empty space next to it.  I knew that the espresso machine needed a friend, a companion for life if you will.  It wasn't interested in my mixer or my toaster.  The unit needed something it could relate to.  That's when I knew an espresso cup and saucer set would be the perfect mate for a lifelong friendship. 

IMUSA offered me the wonderful opportunity to review an 8 piece red espresso cup and saucer set.  The red set complimented my black espresso maker and it was certainly a match made in heaven.

Can I interest you in a cup of espresso and a scone?

The set is absolutely adorable.  The red is sharp and vibrant and really catches your eye.  The cups are the perfect size too.  I like how everything is contained in a chrome unit for convenient storage.  The set is made well and of high quality.  I don't entertain more than just a few people at a time, so service for four is ideal for me.  

These espresso cups look just like the ones you get in coffeehouses, except you bring the coffeehouse to the comfort of your own home.  They are dishwasher and microwave safe (for reheating).  The red saucers are very cute and I love how petite they are. The cups are easy to drink from and I've experienced no problems whatsoever with the cups or saucers when using them.  

The storage unit fits perfectly right next to my espresso maker and I can tell they are very happy being paired together.  I've enjoyed using the espresso cup set and I look forward to using it for some time to come.  Now I really want a cookie and some espresso.  My cravings no know bounds.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to IMUSA for providing me with the complimentary product in exchange for this review.  All thoughts are my own.  

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