Saturday, July 20, 2013

Rougois Review

Watches serve two purposes.  Not only are they there to alert you of the time, but they are also a fashionable piece of jewelry and style.  Whether you like a simple gold watch or a large-faced in your face piece of bling, there are many styles of watches out there to suit your needs. Whatever watch you choose, make sure it gets you to places on time! :)

Rougois strives to create stylish and timeless watches with a firm commitment to individuality.  Their product line features many combinations of men's and women's ceramic watches in different styles and colors.  Each watch is a work of art on its own and certainly a conversation starter.  A Rougois watch makes the perfect gift for anyone.

I've been searching for a new watch for a while now.  I've gone to different department stores and surveyed my options, but I walk away not loving anything I saw.  I'm not a simple woman, I like style and personality in everything I wear.  I certainly wasn't looking for a dainty and delicate watch.  When I came across Rougois, I knew the watch gods had answered my timey prayer. 

Rougois was kind enough to send me the women's high tech black ceramic watch with genuine diamonds. This was just the watch I was looking for and I was very excited for its arrival! 
Isn't this watch stunning? It features the quality of materials such as the high tech ceramic and Swiss movement with the unique design that are constantly produced by this innovative watch maker. This model features a beautiful white and silver dial with 36 genuine diamonds around the face of the watch. 

I absolutely love this watch.  I received it yesterday and I'm already wearing it everywhere I go.  The silver and white are beautifully paired together.  I love the diamonds on the perimeter of the face.  They really add a lot of pizazz and style.  I love the hint of bling so the diamonds are right up my alley.  The large face is actually what drew me to the watch when I first saw it.  The time is easy to read and I really like the silver numbers inside the face. 

The watch is comfortable to wear and fits me well. I can tell it is constructed very well.  The only thing I wish was different was that the band was silver, instead of white.  I feel that the white makes make it a more seasonal watch, rather than a piece you can wear year round.  This piece is perfect from a transition of work to play. 

I'm very excited to now own this watch and I look forward to wearing it all the time.  It's definitely going to be a staple piece in my jewelry armoire.  If you're looking for a new watch, Rougois has quite a few you'd like.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Rougois for providing me with this complimentary watch in exchange for this review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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