Saturday, June 29, 2013

Rose Royce Clothing-Denim Styling Post #1

Denim is easy to style with so many colors, top styles, and shoes.  You can wear a black sweater with dark denim jeans and blue heels. Another look is a summer tee with jeans and flip flops.  There are virtually endless combinations where you can make denim the star of the show.  Rose Royce Clothing knows that you're able to create many looks and styles with the classic material.

Rose Royce Clothing is a brand established in New York City.  Their denim inspiration melds inspiration from the east coast as well as the west. Since the release of its first collection in 2012, the brand has focused on maintaining a variety of styles for today's contemporary and multi-talented woman. The pieces range from many different colors and styles of denim jeans, shorts, jackets and vests.  The pieces range in style so they are easy to mix up with different looks.

I've always been into fashion.  I'm not the kind of girl to pore over a Vogue magazine or go to a haute couture fashion show, but I know what I like and I care about what I wear.  I also am able to easily accessorize pieces and make them look good.  Rose Royce knows I'm into fashion which is why they selected me to create different looks with two pairs of jeans that they sent me.

I'll show you one look this week, and another next week.  My goal is to use one pair of denim jeans to create three different looks.  I love how one pair of jeans can pair fabulously with a top, shoes, and accessories.

These denim jeans are awesome.  They are skinny jeans, but don't fit too tight.  I do have to get them hemmed as they are too long right now.  It's not always easy being short!

My first look is a black sequinned top paired with leopard heels.  I had another shot but it was too blurry to post.  This one is a little blurry too sorry about that.

The sparkly top is fun for going out to a bar or a restaurant for dinner.  The top compliments the dark wash jean and the leopard heels pull the whole look together.  I would certainly wear this look to a party too.  This look would be great with some fun gold jewelry like a chunky gold bracelet, or a large colored cocktail ring for a pop of color. 

My next look is a black and white ruched top pulled together with blue heels.  The blue heels add a fun pop of color and compliment the top well.  Sorry about the jeans on the floor, ugh! I just noticed them in the picture.  This would also be a fun look for the office or a party.

My last look is the same top from above paired with black heels.  The black heels compliment the black in my top well.  The great thing about this top and jeans is that you can dress it up or down depending on your mood.  Add a fun bangle and large hoop earrings for a fun look, or wear flats for a toned down look.  Don't forget a fun cocktail ring too.

As you can see, these jeans pair with many different tops and shoes quite easily.  Fashion is all about having fun and taking risks.  Create a new favorite look today!

I'll be posting my second look next week. Stay tuned for it!

*I put these looks together for a Rose Royce Clothing contest I entered.  The lucky winner wins a $500 shopping spree on their website! Please vote for me, I'd really appreciate it! 

Check out Rose Royce on their different social media channels.

*DISCLOSURE* I received two pairs of complimentary jeans in exchange for helping to participate in this styling campaign.  All thoughts and opinions are strictly mine and not based on anything else.

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