Monday, May 27, 2013

Social Media Consulting

I'm looking to help a company/brand by assisting them with their social media.  

Right now I run a product review/giveaway blog with over 2,780 fans. I built this blog from the ground up with absolutely no social media help from any kind of company. In conjunction, I have a Facebook fan page for my blog with well over 3,000 fans.

I am looking to help companies with any social media they need. My services start out with a consultation. I go in and take a look at your Facebook/Twitter page and see what needs help and what could be run better.

My services are writing social media posts for a brand/company, helping to grow the numbers, and driving traffic to the pages. 

My fees are affordable.  I can send you letters of recommendation from past social media jobs.  Please let me know if you're interested.  You can email me at

Thank you. 

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