Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kohl's Review

I've been shopping at Kohl's for a number of years now.  I love their affordable prices and the wide variety of clothes and accessories.  Even though I live near a Kohl's, I often visit their website to shop because I find that they have different merchandise online than they do in the store. I love being able to shop in my pajamas.  You couldn't do that at a real Kohl's!

Kohl's is your one stop shop for women, men, and children's clothing and accessories, housewares, shoes and much more.  Need a new outfit for yourself for a Christmas party, or maybe your child needs a new outfit for her birthday party? No problem, Kohl's has you covered.  They have the latest fashions at unbeatable prices.  The clothes are made well and very durable. I have a favorite pair of high heels that I purchased there 3 years ago and still wear to this day.  They've held up very well! Please consider Kohl's for any of your upcoming summer needs.

Kohl's granted me the opportunity to do a review. I felt very lucky!  Shopping is second nature to me, so of course I had no problem getting my shop on.  I browsed the website and quickly filled up my basket with some summer tops. I had a lot of fun browsing each category and selecting what I loved best. Not long after that, I completed my order and then a package showed up at my door!

As soon as I saw this top, I instantly loved it.  The material is comfortable and breathable, which is perfect for summer.  It fits well and isn't too tight.  I love the ruffle detail on the top, and of course the bow on the waist is adorable too.  The soft black dots are cute and add an element of fun to the shirt. This would be the perfect top to wear to a friend's birthday party or BBQ.  Pair it with jeans and heels, or even a cute pair of sandals and capri's.  Make sure to wear some red accessories for a pop of color!
This top is a little bit more dressy.  It looks long in the picture but it isn't too long on me.  I'm 5'0, so I have to be careful that all of my clothes aren't too long. The grey and black are beautiful together and really compliment each other well.  This is a top I'd probably wear to work, as it's a little bit more business casual.  It is versatile though and could easily transform from work to play.  It fits me well and I like how it looks on. It would look great paired with red heels and gold accessories.
Even though this isn't for summer, I couldn't resist it.  The gold discs at the top are so cute and really add personality to the shirt. I'd love to wear this with red or blue heels for a fun dinner out with friends. It would be the perfect fall top! It fits well and isn't too loose or tight.  The discs are securely applied and don't seem like they will come out in the wash either.

A close-up of the discs. 
This tank-top is SO adorable and fun.  I love the color block design of it.  I am actually going to wear this tomorrow with white jeans and black heels to work.  I think it will look fantastic. The equal amount of black, white, and pink are colors that truly compliment each other well and look fabulous together.  The tank-top isn't very long, but the perfect length for me.  It fits well in the shoulders and all over, and I'm very satisfied with it.  I believe it is the perfect summer top!
This is also another adorable top.  It's hard to tell from the picture, but it's an ivory lace ruffle top.  Ivory goes with so many colors perfectly and I look forward to pairing it with many different shoe and color options.  The lace is delicate, but I can tell it's made well. I like the way it looks on.  Some ruffle tops make me look very wide but luckily this one seems to minimize that effect.  The cap sleeves are also very cute.
The pattern on this top is very interesting.  It's sort of a flower geometric pattern. I like the light grey and dark black together. The only thing I don't love about this top is the elastic band on the bottom.  I feel that it doesn't flatter my figure.  I will be taking it back.  Too bad, because otherwise it's a cute top.
Summer is all about bright colors, so why not emphasize that? This shirt has a "splatter" effect with pink, white, purple, etc.  I absolutely love it! It looks like an artist had a white t-shirt on a canvas and threw different colors at the shirt.  As a result, all of the colors mixed together and this shirt was born.  The shirt has an empire waist and cute cap sleeves.  The length on it is perfect and it works well with many different shoe and accessory options.
If you're looking to amp up your wardrobe for the summer, Kohl's is ready to fill your closet!
*DISCLOSURE* I received these complimentary items in exchange for this review.  All thoughts and opinions are strictly mine and not based on anything else. 



  1. I love Kohl's! It's my go-to spot for all my clothing and shoes. I never have a problem finding my size or something that I like. They also have amazing clearance prices. In the off-season I can get $500 in merchandise for under $100! Great deal!! You picked out some great tops and I especially love the lacy one and the tank tops

  2. I also love Kohl' much fun to go shopping and get clearance items, extra percentages off with coupons and Kohl's Cash!