Monday, March 18, 2013

Customized World Review

As all of you know, I'm getting married in August.  I've been admiring all of the adorable personalized bridal wear online and knew I had to own something custom made too.  What better way to get excited about your upcoming nuptials than with a personalized hoodie or pair of sweatpants advertising that you're the future bride?

Customized World is the headquarters for all of your personalized needs.  All orders are custom made and handled with delicate care. They specialize in personalized panties, bridal wear, t-shirts, shorts, tops, pants and more.  They even have a doggie corner where you can order Fido or Sparky a t-shirt or dog tag.

There is a library on the site where you can choose font and color samples along with a clipart section to pick out any graphic you desire.  Let your imagination run wild and design a fabulous shirt advertising an upcoming fundraiser, a lawn care business, or even personalized hoodies for your bridal party to wear. There is something for everyone at Customized World. Go ahead, express yourself!

When I had the opportunity to review a bridal hoodie, I was really excited! I chose a pink hoodie and and had "The future Mrs. ____" 8/31/13 written on the back of the hoodie.  I'll leave my fianc√©'s last name out of this for security purposes.   The hoodie came in record fast shipping, it was mailed out on Friday and came in today!

The hoodie is my size but it is a drop big, even though I went with the size chart on the website.  That's not a problem since I don't like extremely tight clothing.  The pink is soft and feminine, yet fun too.  The material is soft and comfortable and inside is sort of a warm fleece-like material.  This is perfect to last me through the remaining bit of winter.  The zipper zips up and down without a problem. 

Pink is my favorite color, so naturally I chose that.  Black always compliments pink well, so I knew I had to go with that hue. The cursive text brought everything together. The writing is bold and easily visible. 8/31/13 is my wedding date, and yes it is rapidly approaching! The decal is heat pressed on and seems very secure.  The hoodie is perfect for lounging around at home.  I will definitely be wearing it when I get my hair and makeup done on my wedding day.  It will be just the thing I need to zip off so I don't mess up my face or hair.  Since it won't be the dead of summer, I won't be too hot wearing a hoodie at the end of August either.

Why not check out Customized World and make your customized dreams a reality? 

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*DISCLOSURE* I was provided with this complimentary hoodie in exchange for this review.  All thoughts and opinions are strictly mine and not based on anything else.

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