Thursday, December 27, 2012

Stitch Fix Review

One of the many things that I enjoy in life is shopping.  Whether I'm shopping for clothes, housewares, shoes, or jewelry it doesn't matter, I love it all.  The hunt for new items that appeal to me is always exciting and fun.  Imagine receiving a surprise package containing a gorgeous dress or necklace that quickly becomes your favorite? StitchFix believes in the art of suspense and surprise and will gladly put a smile on your face when you receive a package from them.

StitchFix is available to create an innovative shopping experience for you. You simply let them know your size and style preference, and they send you a selection of the latest and greatest of what's hot now. You try on everything at home and only keep what fits.  You can send back what you don't like free of charge.  Wouldn't you love to be guaranteed 5 items (jewelry, dresses, tops/bottoms, skirts) that are hand-picked to match your style?

I was contacted recently to try StitchFix's service.  I was excited at the thought of a mystery package containing items that were right up my alley.  The survey was easy.  I filled out a form asking my sizes and what kind of style I liked most.  The survey had pictures of outfits and I was asked to select which outfit I liked best.  I was encouraged to write in anything that I didn't like.  I told them I didn't want anything too form fitting on my stomach or butt. Within a few days, a package showed up at my door.  My StitchFix had arrived and I couldn't wait to check out the loot!
What's inside? Let's see! I loved how perfectly everything was presented. It was like Christmas, days before Christmas!

I received a silver and black chunky chain necklace (sorry I forgot to take a picture of it!), Ebisu tab sleeve scoopneck blouse, Nashville sueded asymmetric vest, Josie tie front sleeveless dress, and a Cowell knit hi-low sweater.  I loved a lot of the pieces right away.  The best part is that StitchFix is perfect for branching you out of your comfort zone.  I wouldn't have bought a lot of these pieces in the store but with the right accessories, they can look amazing! Each item features a card telling you about the item and giving you some style advice on how to pair it with certain items.  I would have never thought to pair the Nashville sueded asymmetric vest with a striped long-sleeve shirt, but it looks wonderful! The pieces are very versatile, which is wonderful.  The Josie tie dress can be paired with heels or flats in the summer, and in the winter a sweater and tights and boots! The possibilities are endless.

This dress is gorgeous.  It fits me perfectly, is not too clingy and I love the color! The soft but vibrant red is perfect for wearing around holiday time, not to mention can brighten up a grey winter's day.  The material is comfortable and light-weight.  I haven't yet worn this dress but every time I pass it in my closet, I'm reminded that I need to wear it asap! I envision pairing it with a warm black cardigan and some gold accessories to complete the look.

This vest was hard to photograph.  It's a dark grey, almost black color. It's perfect for wearing over a favorite long-sleeved tee to keep warm in the winter. The vest has some weight to it, but it's comfortable. When I first laid eyes on it, it reminded me of doing karaoke in a small bar in Nashville, TN. It definitely has a southern feel to it.  This is certainly not something I would go out of my way to buy in a store, but I found myself attracted to it when I saw it.  I was not sure what to wear it with a first, but the card that came attached to the vest gave me some fashion inspiration. I would love to pair this with some gold or silver accessories and a fabulous pair of black riding boots. 

This is my absolute favorite piece that I received.  The top has a cute black and pink small dotted pattern all over. What is great about this top is that you can pair it with jeans and boots, or even jeans and heels too.  I wore it to work today and I paired it with a black pencil skirt, black tights, flats and I tucked the top in.  It looked really cute.  It can easily transform from work to play.  The top is comfortable and lightweight.  It's wearable year round, just pair it with a cardigan in the colder months of the year.  

I was not a big fan of this sweater, and I sent it back. I did not like the way it looked on.  It was bigger on the bottom than on the top and just was not flattering on me. Too bad I didn't like it though because it was soft and cozy and would've looked perfect with a pair of black riding boots and skinny jeans!

I do not have a picture of the necklace, but I sent that back too.  I didn't like the way it fit.  It wasn't really my style either.  I did keep all of the other items pictured.

I am very impressed with StitchFix.  The clothes fit me well and my stylist did a great job of trying to pick pieces that match my style.  I would certainly order from them again.  A surprise package from StitchFix would make a great upcoming Valentine's Day present for your girlfriend or wife, and an equally as perfect birthday present too! Surprise the fashionista in your life with some fashion love from StitchFix! 

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