Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Inlite Bags Review

Nothing is more frustrating than searching for a pen, pencil, or even a tube of chapstick in what feels like a bottomless pit of a backpack or purse. You try to put the item in a specific place that you'll easily remember but that usually doesn't help. Aggravation quickly sets in as you continue to search.  Does this sound like you?  If so, let Inlite Bags alleviate your bag stress!

Inlite Bags is an innovative line of contemporary, fashionable, and light up bags and purses that illuminate on the inside.  With just a press of a button, your bag will be brightly from a patent pending LED light system. The bags range from messenger bags and backpacks to clutches and purses. The bags come in a range of sizes, colors and styles depending on your needs and taste preferences. The light inside will help you to easily see what you're looking for.  This is very convenient at night or when you can't easily see what's on the bottom of your bag. 

Since my boyfriend has recently gone back to graduate school, I wanted to get a new backpack for him.  His old one wasn't that great anymore and I knew he'd appreciate a new one.  He's always losing stuff in the bottom of his briefcase or messenger bag, so I thought that an Inlite bag would be a great choice for him.

I selected the Flash backpack for him.  The black, silver and white colors on the backpack are very modern and compliment each other nicely. 

The backpack was shipped extremely fast.  My boyfriend liked the backpack as soon as he saw it.  He said it was the perfect size for carrying his books and it was comfortable to wear on his back.  The inside compartment is very roomy and can hold his books, folders, calculator, pens, etc easily. The best part is that it holds his computer too! His old backpack did not have room for the computer and he had to carry a separate computer bag too.  He's very grateful that this new bag holds it all.  The interior organization is great for markers, highlighters, paper clips, note cards and any other school needs you can store in there. The backpack is very durable and quality made.  It zips up and down with ease.

He really loves how the backpack lights up inside in both compartments.  With just one push of a button you can see everything that you need.  Nothing will be a mystery or a guessing game now.  This certainly makes his life easier. 

He's been using this backpack every night he has school now and he's really enjoying it.  I'm glad that the Flash backpack makes his school life less stressful!

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*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Inlite Bags for providing me with this complimentary backpack in exchange for this review.  All thoughts and opinions are strictly mine and not based on anything else.

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