Sunday, December 30, 2012

Be in the know about Cake Devils!

If you're looking for a delicious cake for your next event or party, let me introduce you to Cake Devils.  Get ready to have your mouth water!

Cake Devils specializes in beautiful and delicious custom cakes for every occasion.  Please keep them in mind for a future graduation, wedding, birthday, or even Easter dinner! The company primarily services New York and New Jersey and the lower Hudson Valley.

The cakes are available with fillings such as buttercream in any flavor to compliment cake, fresh fruit, pudding, mousse, cream cheese and cookies and cream. How about topping off your cake with a delicious frosting flavor like caramel, white chocolate, meringue, cream cheese, chocolate ganache and more? I know I would be in sweet treat heaven! Cheesecakes and liquor infused cakes are also made. If you need the cake for a special event or celebration like a child's first birthday or first communion fondant is available too.

Cake Devils also offers cookies but their cakes are the main star of the show.  I was sent a large assortment of snicker doodle and chocolate pumpkin cookies which I happily gobbled up. The cookies were fresh and extremely delicious.  I loved the cinnamon sugar on the snickerdoodles and the chocolate paired perfectly with the pumpkin. 

Here are some examples of the cakes offered:

Baby sock monkey cake

Birthday cake

Toolbox cake

Easter cake

As you can see, they do a wide variety of cakes in different styles.  Why not use them for your next event? You won't be disappointed!

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