Monday, November 12, 2012

eLure Guest Post

eLure – For Brighter, more Even-Toned Skin – Fast:

These Elos skin treatment products feature Advanced Skin Brightening Technology, which utilizes a patented natural enzyme formulation known as Melanozyme. Even the most stubborn of discoloration in skin can be quickly minimized using the range of luxurious skin products, which also have the effect of correcting uneven skin tone, revealing a brighter, more radiant complexion.  And all this can be achieved in less than 28 days.

The eLure range includes:

The Advanced Lightening Lotion is a rebalancing skin lotion containing Melanonzyme, which brightens, 
softens, soothes and replenishes the skin. It is suitable for use both during the day and at night.
The Advanced Brightening Night Cream features a moisture rich formula, and advanced recovery hydration complex, with the addition of Melanonzyme. After use, skin looks visibly softer and brighter –for use as part of a night-time regimen.

The Advanced Skin Brightening Technology works best when used in conjunction with eLure’s Advanced Facial Wash. Lathering into a rich, creamy foam, the cleanser removes dead skin cells and dirt, transforming tired, dull-looking skin into skin which looks refreshed and rejuvenated.

Safe and Non-Irritating to Skin:

Unlike many other skin treatment creams and lotions, eLure contains no hydroquinone, or acids, which means there is far less likelihood of any redness or flakiness in the skin. Products can be used just like any other facial cream, under make-up, as well as in conjunction with other beauty regimens.

Clinically Proven:

eLure products have been clinically researched, and found to produce far faster results in skin appearance compared to other competitive products on the market. According to a Skin Brightening Study conducted by Dermscan, after using the products for 28 days, 82% of patients showed a significant decrease in their Melanin levels, while 91% demonstrated overall improvement in skin tone and fairness of complexion.

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