Tuesday, November 6, 2012

California Wine Club Review

I'm more of a wine drinker now than I used to be.  For years I didn't enjoy wine at all, but now I've slowly started liking it. My favorite wine is Prosecco.  I'm always on the lookout for new wines to try. Certain wines pair well with different foods and I like to experiment to find those.  When I was introduced to California Wine Club, I was looking forward to joining a club involving the delectable vino!

California Wine Club is a service that sends out bottles of wine to its members on a monthly basis. With four wine of the month clubs to choose from, they have wine selections and gifts to suit all budgets and tastes.  The Premier Club is California Wine Club's most popular.  The Signature Series is for wine collectors and connoisseurs, while the International Selections are from small "mom and pop" wineries around the world. Finally, the Aged Cabernet Series is Napa's most prestigious Cabernets aged 8-12 years.  The quality of the wine should not be a concern for you, as you will never receive any bulk closeout or private label wines ever.  Each and every wine California Wine Club selects comes from a real working winery and is backed by their 100% guarantee.

A membership to CWC would make an excellent Christmas or birthday present, or a housewarming present too.  Delight your friends or family with a vinolicious gift that will thrill them. Why not even enroll yourself in the membership?  Everyone enjoys trying new wines, right? 

Since I am enrolled in this club, I've received two shipments of wine.  I was excited when they came because  I was looking forward to expanding my wine palette.

I was sent a bottle of white that was a Sauvignon Blanc, and a red which was a Tempranillo.  I had never heard of Tempranillo before, but I was familiar with Sauvignon Blanc.  I am not a huge fan of red wine, so I wasn't sure if I would enjoy it.  I regularly drink mainly white wines.  I've had many Sauvignon Blancs in the past and have really liked them. Both bottles were packaged nicely and were not broken when I received them.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the white wine before I tried it.  I did remember to take a picture of the red wine.  Sorry about that.
I tried both wines at room temperature. I first sampled the red wine. I enjoyed the clean and simple design of the bottle and the label.  Red wine doesn't have to have a ton of bells and whistles, just enjoy the simplicity of it. The aroma of the wine reminded me of the holidays. Wine brings families and friends together and this is immediately what I thought of when I sniffed it. The color of the red was beautiful and vibrant. It poured easily and effortlessly. I thought this wine was drier than some red wines that I had tried in the past.  I did some research and found out that Tempranillo is a variety of black grapes which are widely grown to make full-bodied red wine in its native Spain. What I also discovered is that some of the tasting notes include berries, plum, vanilla, among many others.  The flavor of the wine was pleasant and after a few sips I really started to enjoy it.  I had never had wine that was made from black grapes before.  I'm surprised that I did like it as much as I did, because I'm not usually a fan of all red wine. This would make an excellent dessert wine, and it would also pair well with a delicious Italian dinner as well.

Next, I tried a glass of the white wine. The color of the wine was also beautiful.  It was a perfect, almost golden color that looked great when poured in my wine glass. I smelled the wine and it had a strong scent.  I wasn't sure if I would like it based on how it smelled.  I took a taste test and found that it was very bitter.  It was not like the typical white wines I enjoyed.  I honestly did not like it. I'm sure other people would enjoy it, it just doesn't have the notes that appeal to me.

I'm receiving another shipment of CWC next month and I will report back soon with more wine thoughts! :)

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to California Wine Club for sending me the complimentary wines in exchange for this review.  All thoughts and opinions are strictly mine and not based on anything else.

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