Friday, October 12, 2012

Muller Yogurt Review and Giveaway

I try to eat as much yogurt on a weekly basis as I can. I go for the low calorie, low fat, and low sugar content yogurts.  This creamy treat packs a lot of nutritional benefits like protein and probiotics, along with having a wonderful taste too. Just don't give me any yogurt with fruit on the bottom, I don't like those. Whatever yogurt flavor you choose, make sure it's high on your list of favorites.
Muller comes in 16 flavors across 3 yogurt families, including Corner Yogurt, Greek Corner Yogurt, and FruitUp.  The Corner Yogurt is a luscious mild Greek style yogurt with a side of compartment of fruit or nuts to mix in.  The original Muller yogurt is a smooth and creamy yogurt with fruit or crunchy add in's. Muller's FrutUp is a cool, lowfat yogurt topped with a vibrant layer of fruit mousse. How about tempting your taste buds with such flavors as original with blueberries or Greek yogurt with caramelized almonds? Maybe plain yogurt with chocoballs is more up your alley? Of course you can't forget to try a luscious lemon FrutUp! There's a flavor for everyone to love.

I was sent a variety of Muller yogurts for review.  I actually forgot to take a picture of all of the products received before tasting them.  Missing from this picture is an original yogurt with granola, and an original yogurt with blueberries.  What I first noticed about the yogurts was the packaging.  The bold and vibrant pictures of fruit and nuts on each container was really appealing.  I love food photography, so this stood out to me. 

I browsed through the yogurts and decided which one I wanted to try first.  I chose a plain yogurt with granola.  I looked at the nutrition label and was shocked at what I saw.  It had around 220 calories with a very high sugar content, around 24 or 25 grams of sugar.  I don't normally eat yogurt with those statistics. To me, 220 calories is a lot, and I try to pick food with low sugar.  I'm used to eating yogurt with 70 or 80 calories and a very low sugar content, around 6 or 7 grams.  The package of yogurt contains one cup that's filled with yogurt, and a container of granola attached on the other side. I like that it comes with a satisfying mix-in. You simply lift the cup of granola up and pour it into the yogurt.  How easy is that? My granola poured into the yogurt mess-free.

The yogurt was smooth and creamy and it had a wonderful flavor.  It was very sweet though.  The granola was very fresh and added a nice crunch to the cool treat. I tried a few bites of the yogurt and saved it in the fridge for later.

As you can see, the portion size is large.  You receive a lot of granola and a satisfying amount of yogurt.

Days later I tried the original yogurt with blueberries.  This one was much more manageable, it had 140 calories. I had no problem finishing the whole thing. The blueberries were fresh and juicy and turned my yogurt a lovely shade of blue when mixed in.  I had never mixed blueberries in with my yogurt before, and I enjoyed trying something new.  I had the yogurt as a mid-day snack and it was extremely satisfying and filled me up instantly. I loved making a healthy choice for my snack too.

Any Muller yogurt would make a great breakfast, side with lunch, or midday snack.  You can even pack one in your child's lunch too.

I look forward to sampling the other flavors of yogurt given.  The FrutUp is next on my list!

Muller Yogurt is available in the following cities ONLY, so keep that in mind when entering my contest.

· New York
· Boston
· Philadelphia
· Washington, DC
· Hartford/New Haven
· Providence/New Bedford
· Buffalo
· Albany/Schenectady/Troy
· Rochester
· Portland
· Baltimore
· Harrisburg
· Norfolk/Portsmouth
· Greensboro
· Wilkes Barre/Scranton



  1. Never tried it

  2. never tried it

  3. I saw it on the shelf just recently - checked the sugar/calorie count and went for another brands lower numbers. In Muller's defense, there was only one version of yogurt available so I'm not sure varieties they have.



  5. I'ven ever tried Muller yogurt but would love to!

  6. I've tried it (and loved it) in Germany, but not here in the States!

  7. I've never tried Mullers but it looks good!~

  8. no,I have never tired this before.
    (Karla Sceviour)

  9. I have tried it and the lemon is my favorite!!

  10. I haven't tried Muller Yogurt yet - I just started seeing it in the stores.

  11. I haven't just yet, but my friend has and she loves it!

  12. i've never heard of it or tried it before but it looks delicious

  13. Ttrockwood@yahoo.comOctober 18, 2012 at 9:45 PM

    Saw this at the market but didnt try it yet!

  14. No I have never treid it, but they have it at my local store
    marypopmom (at) yahoo (dot) cie

  15. I've never tried this yogurt although because of this blog I did notice it on the dairy shelf at Giant today.

  16. I haven't tried it but it looks good!

    Desiree Dunbar

  17. truth is I've never had it before. Lieutenantcrunch27 (at) gmail (dot) com

  18. I've never tried it before, but I saw some at my local Kroger today (strange, as my city is not on the list) and bought a couple of cups so I can't wait to try it!

  19. I've never tried this.. lsenko83 at

  20. I have tried the yogurt before and love it. I'm in Westminster which is in the Baltimore, MD area. They carry it at my Safeway. I had the one with the little malt balls in it and it was really great.

  21. I have not :(

    ktgonyea at

  22. no, i haven't ever tried it
    susansmoaks at gmail dot com

  23. i have not tried it yet

    jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

  24. No I have never tried

  25. I've never heard of it but I love yogurt!

  26. I have not tried this Yogurt before.
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com