Friday, August 3, 2012

Olivia + Joy Review

I believe a woman should have many purses. You can't just have one. You have to have certain purses in certain colors, and you have to have ones that are for certain seasons. I love having a variety of purses that are all different styles, each to go with how I feel for the day. Sometimes I want to use a classic purse, other times a purse loud with buckles and zippers.

The Olivia + Joy collection represents the hottest handbag and accessories styles of the moment delivering the right trend at the right time. I love the bags featured in each season collection. They are full of style and personality and are really beautiful. I enjoyed browsing the Spring and Summer 2012 collection, there were so many bags I wished were mine!

I finally settled on reviewing a gorgeous black purse that I instantly fell in love with when I saw it.

The black purse is perfect because it goes with anything you wear, and you can use it all year round. The gold hardware is beautiful and really stands out against the black. The material seems durable and well-made. There's a detachable shoulder strap that I took off, because I prefer carrying the purse on my wrist. The bag is extremely roomy inside and there's so much room for holding practically anything you need. You could even store a change of clothes in there! Make sure to keep your essentials in there like your phone, wallet, notepad, keys, etc. There are pockets inside the bag that you could keep things handy in like your phone or keys to have them handy.

There is a storage pocket on the outside of the purse which secures with a gold accessory that you twist shut. It's nice that this purse offers so many pockets and is so roomy. I love the way it looks and the style is just what I like.

This purse is definitely going to be used quite frequently!

*DISCLOSURE* I received a complimentary purse in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are strictly mine and not based on anything else.

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