Sunday, August 19, 2012

Decadence Cheesecakes Review

Cheesecake is one of those treats that when you indulge in it, all is right in the world. The perfectly creamy and sweet treat is just the pick-me-up that you need. The fact that it tastes wonderfully decadant isn't bad either. Cheesecake is best shared with friends or family over lots of laughs and warm conversation.

Decadence Cheesecakes are gourmet cheesecakes which are individually packed in their own jars. More than 20 flavors are offered, which are sure to satisfy anyone's cheesecake desires. Some flavors include chocolate chai, chocolate mole, tiramisu cheesecake and many others to satisfy any chocolate cravings you might have. If you're looking to step away from chocolate, why not try the Outer Banks which features peanut butter, or a delicious pear/chardonnay treat? I can guarantee that you will love them. The unique thing about Decadence Cheesecake is that they offer savory cheesecake dips too, which I've never heard of or tried before. I usually associate cheesecake with being sweet, not savory. Some of those flavors include chorizo/black bean, bacon/blue cheese, sun dried tomato, or crab and salmon. How unique!

I was sent a 6 pack of the "Before and After" cheesecake samplers. I received such wonderful flavors as strawberry NY cheesecake, bacon/blue cheese, and tiramisu, just to name a few. They all sounded fantastic and I couldn't wait to try them! The jars are the perfect size for enjoying by yourself, or with friends. They came in a cute little wooden crate too. These treats would be perfect for gift-giving. You could even save the jars and reuse them too.

Here's an example of what the cheesecake in a jars look like. Aren't they cute?

I tried the bacon/blue cheese with some large multigrain tortilla chips first (you could also use toasted pita bread or bagel chips too.) What I first noticed was that it was very thick and looked like it had many layers. I could smell the dip the second I took the lid off the jar, the aroma of it made my mouth water! I scooped a hefty amount up on a chip and prepared to be transported to a savory cheesecake land, far far away. My chip effortlessly cut through the fluffy dip. Upon first bite, I tasted a very interesting combination of blue cheese and bacon. Each flavor was distinct, but I could taste them individually as well. It was very creamy and the texture was wonderful. I would never think to combine blue cheese and bacon together, but they really compliment each other well. The dip was thick and had a cheesecake consistency, but it wasn't sweet. I had never tried anything like this before. I had another bite or two, or three. :). The dip was very fresh and I highly recommend this dip for your next party if you're looking for a crowd-pleasing, out of the ordinary item to serve.

Of course it was time for something sweet next. On the sweet menu was the strawberry NY cheesecake. I've always been a fan of strawberry cheesecake and I was hoping this would delight my taste buds immensely. The strawberry cheesecake was a beautiful glossy color, almost similiar to the color of strawberry jam. I grabbed a spoon from the kitchen and prepared to be in love. I scooped my spoon into the jar and when it emerged, I was presented with a beautiful tri color layer confectionary treat on my spoon that I just had to taste! I had an equal amount of the crust, the cream cheese, and the strawberry. It was absolutely heavenly. It was perfectly chilled and was creamy, rich, thick and everything that I could possibly want in a bite of cheesecake. The cake was sweet, but not overly sweet. The flavor of the strawberry was very prevalent and wonderful. Each bite was better than the last, and the NY style of the cheesecake was represented well in this delectable dessert. This was just the afternoon treat that I needed to perk me up. I absolutely enjoyed it immensely and wish that I could have another jar of it soon! Cheesecake truly does makes everything better.

I can't wait to try the other flavors of the cheesecakes and dips soon, I just know I will love them. If you haven't tried Decadence Cheesecakes previously, I urge you to try them!

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*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Decadence Cheesecakes for providing me with the complimentary products in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are strictly mine and not based on anything else.

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