Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New Confectioner Review

Now that summer is officially here, it's time for those ice cream and cold sweet treat cravings to be in full force. There's nothing quite like a icy cold, refreshing popsicle in the middle of a hot summer day. It was very close to 100 in NYC here today and with heat like that all I can think about is something frozen! Make sure that whatever icy treat you choose, it tastes amazing! :)

New Confectioner uses coconut milk containing no cholesterol, and no trans fats, organic soy milk, and organic raw blue agave sweetener, as base ingredients of their vegan ice cream style frozen desserts. Sorbets are made with real fruit and berries, and sweetened with organic raw blue agave, so there's a low glycemic profile, and no fat. Authentic flavors made from fair-trade coffee, organic chocolate, organic oranges, and lemons, and more. Rich, creamy-perfect, satisfying, and vegan! With many flavors around 100 calories per serving, its a sin to not indulge.

New Confectioner offers such exotic flavors as cucumber wasabi, Thai sweet corn, peach mango, pina colada, pumpkin pie, cranberry orange and much more. How about delighting your senses with some of these unique flavors?

I first found New Confectioner at a booth at a farmer's market in Beacon, New York. You can find him at various markets and events around the upstate NY area. The owner of the company, James Spica was selling his sweet desserts and handing out samples. I tried a sample and fell in love. The ice cream style dessert was cool, creamy, and full of excellent flavor. I knew I just had to do a review too! Not long after that, a package full of 8 sample cups of sorbet and ice cream style desserts arrived at my door. I received peanut butter cup, snow and orange flowers, carrot raspberry sorbet, mint chocolate chip sorbet, and many others. Everything looked heavenly and I couldn't wait to dig in. How can you resist delicious desserts that are healthy too?

I first tried the peanut butter cup. It was true perfection. It looks like ice cream, but it's not authentic ice cream. The dessert is light, fluffy and very airy. It's not thick or dense at all like regular ice cream. The color was a rich brown. With one quick insertion of my spoon, the creamy treat was ready to be taste-tested. Upon first bite my taste buds were met with the heavenly symphony of peanut butter and chocolate, but all at once. I could instantly identify the peanut butter, then the chocolate. It was utterly delicious. The treat was not heavy at all and went down smoothly. The flavor of the dessert was fantastic and it was like eating a liquified Reese's peanut butter cup. Chocolate and peanut butter are a fantastic combination and you can't go wrong when you pair them together.

This picture features the beautiful texture of the dessert.

Next, I tried a few spoonfuls of the snow and orange flowers. The bright yellow color of the dessert was very inviting. As soon as I took the lid off, the aroma of oranges hit me. It was like standing next to an orange tree! I loved it. I've always loved orange flavored ice cream and frozen yogurt, especially in the summer. There's something about orange flavored foods that I associate summer with. The dessert was also light and airy. I tasted the first bite and it was also extremely delicious. The flavor of the orange was extremely prevalent and strong. Each bite was better than the next! It was very refreshing and a nice, fruity change from the chocolate that I previously tasted. This is one treat that you certainly cannot pass up this summer.

I look forward to trying the other flavors and I was sent, and any other new ones in the near future.

If you're in New York State, keep an eye out for New Confectioner at a location near you!

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  1. wow, sammi, it sounds like you really enjoyed the new confectioner's frozen treats! I am a regular customer at the Millbrook farmer's market, and I always have some of Jay's homemade deserts. I like to get some to bring home, too, and eat it in front of the fan in my unmentionables on a sultry evening. I do love the chocolate peanut butter, and the Snow and Orange Flowers (which tastes to me like a modern, natural creamsicle). Sometimes i'm in the mood for the clean fruit of the carrot raspberry or strawberry rhubarb. Usually, I like to have whatever is special that week, made from seasonal fruit. I think The New Confectioner usually makes a Cherry with Port wine about now when cherries are in season, and I'm looking forward to that one!! Thanks for letting other folks know how good this stuff is.

  2. I, too, LOVE New Confectioner's treats! The Strawberry Rhubarb is one of my fans and I also love the simple, yet rich and full flavored, Vanilla. Jay puts so much goodness into everything he does. Wish I had a pint right now!