Saturday, June 16, 2012

John Frieda Review

I absolutely love curling my hair. I tend to curl it for special events, parties, and just if I feel like having curly hair that day. It's important to take preventative measures of damaging your hair from the curling iron, and using a heat protecting spray when curling your hair. I've been curling my hair for years and I love that with one roll of my hair in the iron, I achieve beautiful curls.

John Frieda is an English celebrity hairstylist and founder of hair salons and hair products. This brand is your go-to choice for keeping your hair looking fabulous and beautiful. The brand offers shampoo and conditioners, volumizing products, serums, and of course curling irons and flat irons. I've been using John Freida shampoo and conditioners for years and have always loved the results.

I've been needing a new curling iron for a while. The one I have now is very old and is not working up to its potential. When I had the chance to review a John Freida curling iron, I was very excited at the prospect.

John Frieda® 1 ½ Inch Frizz Ease® Conical by Conair: Achieve well-defined, frizz-free wavy curls with this premium true ceramic heat styler. With a uniform heat recovery system and 11 digital high heat settings to suit all hair types, the Frizz Ease® Conical is a breakthrough in advanced true ionic technology.

My hair before. As you can see it's pretty straight.

Curling iron heating up:

It's a very sleek curling iron and I love the modern silver color of it. The temperature gauge is digital and you can increase or decrease the temperature by using the appropriate buttons.

The curling iron was easy to use. In literally one second it was already heating up. My old one took a few seconds to gradually warm up. The buttons on the temperature gauge were easy to press. I started off with about 250 degrees. I know that may seem hot but the curling iron was only moderately warm! I easily wrapped my hair around the thick barrel and let the styling tool do its job. After doing a few curls, I realized that my hair wasn't curling like it normally does. I increased the temperature and figured that's what was wrong.

This is what my hair looked like after increasing the temp.

You can see curls, but they are not very bouncy and tight. These curls are loose and soft, not what I'm used to when I curl my hair. I'm not sure if I need to find the right temperature balance or what. This curling iron just might not do tight curls like I'm used to. I will have to try it again.

I did like that my hair did not get stuck in the barrel and was easy to unroll too. The ceramic design of the curling iron helps to protect against frizz which is something I can always use.

*DISCLOSURE* I received this curling iron in exchange for the review. All thoughts and opinions are strictly mine and not based on anything else.


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