Thursday, May 17, 2012

St. Ives Review

I'm regularly on the lookout for products that will help my skin. I suffer from the occasional breakout and it's NOT cute. I look for skincare products to help and prevent breakouts. It can be a challenging task to find the one that works the best since there are so many out there. I'm always open to trying new ones though. I'll do anything to have flawless, acne-free skin!

Since 1980, St. Ives has been creating effective skincare solutions from nature. Keep your skin feeling fresh and younger looking with St. Ives — America's beloved facial scrub, body wash and lotion brand. St. Ives is dedicated to bringing you the best of nature with formulas that delight the senses and leave your skin with a soft, fresh feel. They understand that the little everyday choices you make help to better your life. That’s why St. Ives is a formulator of quality products with ingredients sourced from nature.

Currently, I have 4 St. Ives products in my bathroom. I've been on a St. Ives kick lately and I won't stop at just 4! I was recently offered the chance to review a new St. Ives product, Naturally Clear Green Tea Cleanser. Green tea has excellent health and antioxidant benefits, not to mention that I love it, so I was looking forward to trying the cleanser.

This cleanser deep cleans to gently remove dirt and make-up and helps maintain skin's moisture balance.

The cleanser comes in a large pump style bottle, which has enough product to last me a few months. The cleanser is a nice, minty green color. It didn't lather up too much. The cleanser has a nice and mild green tea scent. I liked the way it smelled. The product was easily applied to a cotton round and left my face feeling clean and refreshed. With some cleansers, I don't feel like my face is truly clean. With St. Ives, that wasn't the case. My skin felt refreshed and deeply cleansed. I will continue to use this on a regular basis to see if it helps with my acne too. I am looking forward to adding this cleanser to my skin routine!

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to St. Ives for providing me with the complimentary product in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are strictly mine and not based on anything else.

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