Saturday, May 5, 2012

Kremp Florist Review

Can't you just picture it now? A gift basket filled with your favorite treats, candles, and bath and body products. The basket is beautifully presented and ready to be shipped off to the recipient, or maybe the gift basket was a present to you! Gift baskets are the perfect way to show someone that you care. The best part is that they work for any occasion.

Kremp Florist is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based company that ships gorgeous flowers, flower arrangements, gift baskets, plants, and balloons all over the country. If you need to send flowers to someone, Kremp Florist is your flower headquarters! The flowers are colorful, high quality, and extremely attractive. Surprise your girlfriend or wife with a beautiful bouquet of red or pink roses! A gift basket makes the perfect present for any occasion too.

I browsed the website for about 15 minutes, just admiring everything. I loved everything that I saw.

I was allowed to review the spa bath and body basket. The basket was beautifully packaged and presented. It was filled with so many great products, I couldn't wait to try them all. I love anything spa related, so instantly I knew I would enjoy it.

This basket is a exclusive special! A scent-sational assortment of bath and body products perfect for pampering!

Vanilla Sandalwood hand and body spray lotion blended with hints of jasmine and musk.

Sweet and Sassy Reed Diffuser Set complete with fragrance oil, decorative stones and rattan reeds.

Lavender and Chamomile Replenishing Shea Body Butter with cocoa and shea butters, glycerin and macadamia oil.

Soak away your stress with Lavender and Chamomile Sweet Dreams Soothing Bubble Bath.

Enrich your skin naturally with natural moisturizing hand and body cream wash. It leaves your skin feeling hydrated and protected after rinsing.

Natural replenishing hand cream which contains pure essential oils to help provide deep hydration.

This basket was absolutely amazing! I couldn't have asked for better items to be stocked in it. Everything I could have wanted was placed in it. It's like it was made just for me. The basket would be perfect to reuse after you use everything that's in it. Use it for making your own gift basket for a friend's birthday, or for storing other bath and body products in it.

I unpackaged the reed diffuser set immediately. I regularly have reed diffusers in my home. I love the way they look, and they really brighten up a room. Not to mention that they smell wonderful! I've never had a reed diffuser set that came with stones before. I set the kit up in my living room, which was easy to set up. In no time the room was filled with a fantastic and very inviting aroma. The stones gave off a nice added rustic touch that I liked. I sat on my couch and read a few pages of my book while I enjoyed the reed I'm big on having my house smell good. I'm always lighting candles because they smell fantastic.

Next, I tried the lavender and chamomile replenishing shea body butter. I'm a big fan of lavender and chamomile, they are two of my favorite scents. I knew that the scents combined would be perfect. The body butter smelled delicious and I couldn't wait to use it. The combination of the two scents together was outstanding! I could equally distinguish the lavender and chamomile separately. The scent of the body butter wasn't overwhelmingly strong at all. It was a perfect subtle balance. I regularly suffer from dry skin, so anything that promises to be replenishing to my skin is right up my alley. The body butter was perfectly creamy and luscious. I applied some to my hands and it rubbed in easily and didn't leave a greasy residue. Some creams and body butters leave a greasy residue afterwards which isn't pleasant. I did notice afterwards that my hands felt much smoother and hydrated, which is a big plus in my book!

The last thing I've tried so far was the lavender and chamomile soothing bubble bath. Since I enjoyed the lavender and chamomile body butter, I knew that I would like this as well. The color of the bubble bath was a a gorgeous shade of purple. The bubble bath was rich and creamy and was easily pourable. My bathtub was instantly transformed into a lavender and chamomile paradise! The bubbles quickly formed and they were big and soapy! The bubble bath smelled awesome and the lavender and chamomile definitely relaxed my senses. I lit some candles and took a very relaxing bath.

I can't wait to try the rest of the items in the basket. No wonder this basket is a best seller, everything is great! I don't know anyone who wouldn't enjoy receiving this as a birthday, Mother's Day, or Christmas present. Why not send this as a surprise to your loved one today? Imagine the delight on their face when they receive it!

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Kremp Florist for providing me with this complimentary gift basket in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are strictly mine and not based on anything else.

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