Sunday, April 8, 2012

Leader International Inc Review

I always like to keep up with the latest technological gadgets. A shiny new electronic device is guaranteed to make me happy. Who doesn't like having the internet and fun games on the go either?

Leader International Inc is a manufacturer of high-quality, feature rich Android tablets. The tablets allow you internet access, downloadable apps, a camera and much more! It's like having a hand-held computer at your fingertips!

I've been wanting a tablet with a built in camera for a while. I researched tablets that had the best features and were quality made. Leader International stuck out to me and the fact that the tablets included a camera was a great added bonus!

Leader allowed me to review the Impression 10 inch tablet. I was beyond excited!

The touch screen tablet has some very impressive features; it has built in wifi and bluetooth for on the go internet. There's a built-in Samsung A8 processor that is a 1GHz, single-core chip that supports 1080p video recording and playback at 30 frames per second. The camera is 2.0 mega pixels. I wish it had a stronger quality camera though. Also installed is Google Andriod 2.3 platform with flash support, for maximum internet experience. Of course there are hundreds of apps to download at the app store like games, Facebook, Twitter, news, and much more.

When I first received the tablet it had to charge for a while before I was able to use it. The tablet is a sleek and modern black, and is very aesthetically pleasing. What I really liked about the tablet was that it came with a nice black case that matched the tablet. Most tablets do not come with one and you have to buy it separately. After allowing the tablet to charge, I wanted to start using it! It took me a while to get used to an android platform since I am so used to using people's iPads.

I had to read the manual to get a feel for how the device worked. The instructions are easy to follow and user-friendly. In no time I had the tablet running.

The touch screen is very easy to use. Just tap any app you want to open, or if you want to view another page of apps just slide your finger on the background to make that happen.

The internet connection is very fast and in no time you're on the internet browsing and surfing your favorite sites. If you're traveling and don't want to take a heavy laptop with you, a tablet would be a great alternative. It's quick and easy for checking your e-mail or going on Facebook with.

I love the wide range of apps that are available for download too. I quickly downloaded Angry Birds, the Facebook and Twitter app, and some other games too. I enjoy having entertainment and fun at my disposal.

The camera is a handy feature to have and of course I like that it also has a built in video camera too for recording memorable moments. You could also use the video camera for recording a work meeting or conference.

If you're looking for a reliable tablet with many desirable features, please look no further than Leader International Inc.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Leader International Inc for providing me with this complimentary tablet in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are strictly mine and not based on anything else.

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