Sunday, March 18, 2012

Grocery Store Shopping Tips-Guest Post

This is the first guest post by Maire Hunter. If you'd like to write a guest post feature on my blog, just let me know!

Quick tips for grocery shopping

A trip to the grocery store can be daunting whether you have to fight crowds, avoid the temptation of cookies or stick to a limited budget. Remember the following tips to keep in-store hiccups to a minimum.

1. Be savvy

What’s the average price on spaghetti? Do you know the best place to buy produce? Compare shops and keep track of retailers who offer the best deals. Join a store's rewards program for access to offers and specials you might not otherwise realize.

2. Keep a list handy

If you run out of Parmesan cheese after tonight's dinner, will you remember to buy it next week? Even if you have a steel trap memory, a list on a whiteboard, envelope or grocery store app on your smartphone will help you remember exactly what you need without hesitation.

3. Go frozen

Significantly add to storage time by buying frozen vegetables and other foods that can be stored longer than their fresh counterparts. While you'll want to have a nice mixture of fresh foods from which to choose, frozen can complement mealtime and is an economical choice.

4. Timing is everything

Plan your trips to the store. Visit the grocery during off-peak hours to save time in line. If you need to visit two or three different stores to get everything on your list, go to each store when you're already on that side of town.

These tips will ideally make things easier on you, even if going to the grocery store is your favorite activity. If you dread going to the store, being armed with coupons, lists and planning may just be your salvation.

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