Saturday, February 4, 2012

Golden Cannoli Review

As you all know, I'm a huge lover of desserts and anything sweet. I have a sweet tooth a mile wide! I enjoy trying new treats and expanding my dessert palate. I've only had a cannoli a few times in my life and I wanted to refresh my taste buds with the decadent cannoli taste! There's nothing better than a crispy treat filled with sweet cream.

Golden Cannoli is the headquarters for delicious cannolis! They sell traditional and chocolate cannoli shells and sweetened ricotta filling to make your taste buds sing. These sweet treats are perfect for any time of day when you're looking to indulge in something fantastic. I've never heard of a chocolate cannoli until finding Golden Cannoli, but I knew that it had my name written all over it! The sweetened ricotta filling is provided in your order as well.

The company generously sent me over a few boxes of shells and a large bag of filling to get the cannoli party started!

I decided to dig into the chocolate shells first. When I opened the box, this is what emerged.

My heart instantly turned into liquid chocolate when seeing the fabulous shells! They are beautiful!

The chocolate shell was large and the inside had a lot of room to be filled with the filling. I snipped the edge of the filling bag and the beautiful white filling emerged and lusciously filled the interior of the cannoli. It was easy to fill the treat and I felt like a pastry chef! I had a good time filling the shell too. Once the cannoli was filled I couldn't wait to dig in. The cannoli had a permanent date with my stomach. :)

Usually cannoli's have chocolate chips in them, but I opted not to put in any. The cannoli shells came with cute Valentine's Day sprinkles too!

When you take that first bite, you're literally in cannoli heaven! The shell was perfectly crispy and very fresh. It had wonderful crunch that I really enjoyed. The chocolate flavor was sweet and very noticeable, which was great for me because I'm a big chocolate lover. The cool filling was sweet and refreshing and full of great flavor. I didn't put too much filling in my cannoli because I didn't want it extremely sweet. The filling pairs perfectly with the chocolate flavor and it was a fantastic combination. Each bite was better than the next and I truly look forward to having my next cannoli soon!

I highly recommend these cannoli's for your next dinner party or social function. Everyone will love them and you'll be very popular for serving them!

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*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Golden Cannoli for supplying me with these cannoli's in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are strictly mine and not based on anything else.


  1. I love cannolis and they are hard to find around here. I have never tried to make them. The chocolate ones sound delicious too
    amhengst at verizon dot net

  2. we love golden cannoli!!! whoooo!