Thursday, January 12, 2012

QVC Review

I've been a long time fan of QVC. I always tune in to see the newest item or product that they're selling. The jewelry and cooking segments are a favorite of mine. You can't forget the household items or electronics! Those are equally as great. The beauty of QVC is that you don't even need to leave your house to order your favorite products.

QVC is a multinational corporation specializing in televised home shopping. Founded in 1986 by Joseph Segel in West Goshen Township, Pennsylvania. QVC broadcasts in five countries as QVC US, QVC UK, QVC Germany, QVC Japan and – QVC Italy to 200 million households. The name is an acronym standing for Quality, Value, Convenience.

Since I work full time, I'm often tired when I get home. The last thing that I want to do is prep a full meal AND cook it. When I received the chance to review the Genius Salad Chopper Six-Piece Food Preparation System, I practically jumped at the chance! It had my name written all over it.

The Genius Salad Chopper makes it easy to grate, cut, or chop your way to culinary greatness. As an added bonus, store leftover veggies in the bottom bowl for a fresh, crunchy snack!

I love salads, but I hate to make them. The thought of cutting up carrots and chopping up peppers doesn't thrill me to be quite honest. This system revolutionizes my prep work and makes life so much easier. The system is very easy to use. It comes with two interchangable metal "grates" that fits inside. One is smaller, and the other is larger. You can use either, depending on the size of the chopped food you desire. Two different types of mini graters are also included.

I made a salad with diced chicken in it for dinner on Sunday. I wanted to test this sytem out. I peeled my cucumber and stuck the entire vegetable on top of the metal grate. You close the lid down on top of the cucumber (the top of the lid has squares which connect with the blade on the grate to chop the food) and the cucumber is instantly chopped into fine julienned pieces! I couldn't believe it. The cucumber pieces look like I chopped them, but I didn't.

Once you chop the food it goes directly inside the bow. No transferring anything from a cutting board anymore and potentially dropping it on the floor. The system is easy to use and you can easily press the lid down to chop with ease. I finished off the rest of my salad by chopping apples and carrots. The only thing that the system didn't completely chop was a head of lettuce. I think it might have been too thick. Next time I will cut the lettuce in half and see if that makes a difference.

Another great feature of this system is that you can store the remaning food inside the bowl that is connected to the system. If you have leftovers, you won't have to worry about transferring the food into a tupperware container to put into the fridge. You can put the entire bowl in the fridge and have it for later. This bowl would also be great for bringing over a salad or anything else in it to a party.

Overall I think this system is fantastic. It will save you so much time in the kitchen and make your culinary life much easier! I highly recommend it for anyone who cooks a lot. They will absolutely love it.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to QVC for the Genius Salad Chopper free of charge in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are strictly mine and not based on anything else.

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  1. That looks like a handy salad chopper. I never can be bothered to get out my cuisinart, but that looks quick and easy.