Saturday, December 17, 2011

ShoeDazzle Review

I keep telling myself I really need a bigger closet. My shoes are basically exploding out of my closet! I can't help it if I see a pair I love though. ;) Shoes most certainly make any outfit complete, and I love to accessorize.

Shoe Dazzle offers women's shoes, handbags and jewelry personally selected for you each month by their fashion experts. The items are based on your selections from a style profile that you make. Every item is just $39.95 plus free shipping. Shoe Dazzle is amazing. How many times have you gone shopping and have not seen any items you like? It happens to me constantly. With Shoe Dazzle you'll be guaranteed to like every single item you receive, because it will be sent from your style selections!

If you're looking for fun and fashionable costume jewelry, beautiful handbags, or adorable shoes, look no further than ShoeDazzle. Surprise someone with a ShoeDazzle gift card and they will be in shoe bliss! :)

I previously did a ShoeDazzle review a few months ago. I loved the company so much that I couldn't wait for an opportunity to do another one soon!

Since the holidays are approaching, I knew I wanted to review a pair of shoes that I could wear for New Years Eve. I'll actually be on a cruise on NYE, so I knew I wanted something fancy or the evening.

I finally settled on a gorgeous pair of heels. From the minute I saw them, I fell in love!

The shoes fit me wonderfully. I don't think I've previously owned shoes with a heel this high. It's actually not that hard to walk in, surprisingly. I'm only 5'0, so I'll take any extra height I can get! The shoes are a pretty deep black color and I love the rhinestone detail on the top of the heel. It's very pretty and adds some some nice glitz for NYE! The shoes seem well constructed and quality made too, which is always nice. My dress that I'll be wearing that night is black and pink, so the shoes will match nicely. I love to dress up and it's always nice to have a new pair of heels. Thanks to ShoeDazzle for making me dazzle with my new shoes! :)

*DISCLOSURE* Thanks to ShoeDazzle for providing me with these complimentery shoes in exchange for the review. All thoughts and opinions are strictly mine and not based on anything else.

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  1. Wow, what a gorgeous shoe! I'm under 5' tall so I know how you feel about wanting extra height!