Tuesday, December 20, 2011 Review

I generally cook a few times a week. Some days I'm lazy, or I'm really tired after work and don't feel like it. Most people just have a few take out choices in their area (pizza and Chinese are the staples, I'm sure you have others though.) One of the benefits of living in NYC is that EVERY restaurant offers take out and delivery. No matter what you're craving, makes it available! is a leading destination for local online ordering! Since 2004, they have been connecting people like you with merchants in their neighborhoods. Their mission is to provide their users with fast, convenient delivery and pickup from all of their favorite restaurants and stores.

The service is truly great. Are you craving pad thai from your favorite neighborhood Thai place, but don't feel like picking it up? No problem! You can order online and in practically no time, your doorbell will ring and your food will be there! accepts credit cards and cash. You can even write in special instructions with your order, like no mayonnaise, no mustard, etc. I love that takes the restaurant to you! You also accumulate points from each order you make. You can use the points to cash out to get items like tshirts, keychains, all the way up to a Macbook computer!

Besides being able to order food, you're able to order groceries, catered foods, wine and liquor, and any specialty items from a butcher shop! Isn't that incredibly convenient?

I used the service tonight to place an order. There were about 30 restaurants that I could choose from. I browsed the pages and saw pizza, Thai, Indian, diners, American, healthy, etc. All of the choices were a little overwhelming at first. I finally settled on sushi. My order was easy to place. You just select which items you want and then follow the instructions to pay. The menu is laid out in front of you with clear descriptions of the food and the prices. It couldn't be any simpler! You also receive an email immediately confirming your order.

My food came very quickly and it was fantastic to have food brought to me instead of me having to cook it. It was a nice change. :) offers gift certificates which would be great for a college student who just moved to NYC and needs to brush up on their cooking skills. I highly recommend for any of your take out needs. It's also handy for last minute holiday shopping needs too!

*DISCLOSURE* I was provided with a gift card in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are mine and not based on anything else.

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