Friday, October 7, 2011

Raspberry Perfection

You know how some women say they would absolutely hate getting kitchen appliances or housewares as gifts? I'm the complete opposite. I've received a panini maker for my birthday and various kitchenware as gifts. Any home related gifts are high up on my list. I'm kind of a kitchen nerd, I love the newest products and very much enjoy cooking.

This mixer is true perfection at its finest. Please admire its luscious raspberriness. Take it all in. Feel free to wipe the drool from your screen, don't worry it's perfectly normal.

Ahhhhhhh, :) The only thing more perfect is sampling a piece of chocolate cake made from that beauty.


  1. I love the colorful kitchen aid mixer. It is very drool worthy.

    Hope you get to host a review and giveaway via Kitchen Aid.

    Chris Ann
    treehouse.queen18 at ya hoo d o t com