Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Steam Cleaners Plus Review

Steam cleaning is the perfect form of cleaning without worrying about your health. What's better than avoiding harsh fumes and ingesting chemicals then cleaning with steam that sanitizes? It's also much easier and convenient to carry around one machine than several rags and cleaners.

Steam Cleaners Plus is proud to offer green cleaning products: home steam cleaners, floor steam cleaners, handheld steam cleaners, and portable steam cleaners. Each vapor steam cleaner will assist you in cleaning chemical free. Choose to make a difference by living a healthier, eco-friendly life. Live healthy. Be happy. Go green - clean with steam.

Steam Cleaners Plus offers fabulously priced steam cleaners to make every room of your house shine and sparkle like new.

I was sent the Steamdart Handheld Steam Cleaner for review. I was very excited to receive this cleaner because I have very long hallways and it's hard for me to get into the nooks and crannies of the wall. The steam cleaner came with special attachments that will make cleaning effortlessly easy now! Steam cleaners also make a great gift.

Easy Assembly & Storage
Compact, handheld size

12 Included Attachments
Lightweight & Easy To Use
No Strain Handle

Up to 25 Minutes of Operation
Deep Cleaning Results

ETL listed. Conforms to UL Std 499

Durable Steam Cleaning Tools
The steam jet nozzle can be attached directly to the SteamDart base or to the extension hose for extended reach. Four high quality brushes are included: 1 short nylon brush, 1 long nylon brush, 1 scrub pad and 1 brass brush. The Bent Nozzle (shown below brushes) allows you to direct steam into hard to reach places penetrating germs and grime.

Steam Clean Clothing, Upholstery and More
The SteamDart handheld steamer can also be used to steam clothing and upholstery using the large steam nozzle and included terry cloth. The squeegee attachment is perfect for glass surfaces and the large utility brush attachment has nylon bristles for when the job requires a little scrubbing action.

I received this product today and couldn't wait to start using it! The steam cleaner is a cute bright yellow color that stands out from the mundane black and white steam cleaners that are generally available. I love that it comes with a range of different accessories and attachments to clean with. The provided funnel cup comes in handy as to prevent spills when filling the unit with water.

The directions were easy to understand and follow and in no time I had the unit filled up, turned on, and in 2 minutes it was ready to use. I selected the rounded nozzle tool for just general cleaning. When you want steam to come out, you press a button on the unit to stop and start it. What's great about this is that you control the steam and it doesn't continuously run and waste water and power. I was not expecting the steam to be so powerful! It actually blew off the attachment I had on it because it wasn't on secure enough. I love that the steam is powerful because it sort of "power steams" the surface that you're cleaning. I used the steam cleaner in my living room. I instantly blasted my glass coffee table with sanitizing steam. Upon touching the table right after it was not hot at all. There was also no yucky excessive water residue left over like some steam cleaners have. I blasted my living room floors with the same attachment as I used on the table and I loved watching the steam coat my floor in a fabulous blanket of sanitization! The unit was easy to carry around and it was not heavy at all. I do wish the cord was longer so you can do two rooms at once without having to plug the cleaner into another outlet.

I can't wait to use this unit in the rest of my house. It's actually addicting to use and I really feel that it cleaned my living room well. This unit makes cleaning fun! I love how versatile it is and how there are so many different attachments for satisfying your different cleaning needs. It's also very convenient as it doubles as a clothes steamer too! How about multi-tasking by steaming your floors and then your dress?

This would make the perfect gift for an elderly person who has trouble bending over to scrub the floors with a regular mop. Now they don't have to bend over and they can enjoy knowing cleaning doesn't have to be a painful chore for them.

Disclosure-I received a product in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are solely mine.


  1. Ok Sammi..Now you need to get them to do a giveaway with you..this looks perfect for me because of all the metal in my back..not heavy!!
    Thanks for thee review!

  2. Oh, that is drool worthy. How great would that be if you get to do a giveaway of that item.
    Would love to own one.
    Chris Ann
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