Monday, September 26, 2011

Musselman's Trip

As you all know, I've been working with the Musselman's brand for over a year now. I enjoy their quality and of course delicious apple products. I was recently invited to attend a blogger trip and I had such an amazing time. I have to let you know all about it, of course!

Musselman's invited myself and 8 other bloggers to attend "A Day in the Orchard" in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. We were to be given a tour of the various Musselman's factories and of course their apple orchard too. I had never had a chance to attend something like this before and I was very excited. I was also very interested to learn about the brand that I've been working with.

I was not aware of the other bloggers before I met them but I instantly felt like I knew them forever. I really enjoyed their company throughout the trip. Everyone was so easy to talk to and very friendly and we all got along wonderfully.

The first day we arrived at the hotel in Gettysburg we all got settled in and then could go off and explore. We had a cocktail party that night where we were able to meet other Musselman's employees and get to know them. We all had a fun time!

From left to right: Renee from What Mommies Need, Jennifer from Thriftygrl, Heather from What Heather Said, Amanda from The Nutritionist Reviews, Kelly from StarImpulse, Me, Haley from Love, Life, Family, and Then Some, Cissy from Cool Baby Kid, and in the middle is Amie from The Healthy Apple.

We also received adorable apple shaped cookies! :)

In the morning we headed out for a full day of learning about those fabulous apples! I was very happy to learn that Musselman's does not waste any of the apple. They squeeze every last drop of juice they can out of the apple and then the skin gets put into a compost system that they have. All of the apples are grown in the US.

The solar panels that Musselman's get 30% of their energy from.

We stopped at the apple orchards for a tour next. We got the chance to meet the grower and he answered all of our questions with great detail. He seemed to have a huge passion for what he did. Hundreds of apples are grown here which boggled my mind. I had no idea that many types of apples existed! It was very cool to see row after row of apples ready to be picked.

Apples on their way to New York!

Tons and tons of apples

Then, we had a delicious lunch in the orchards. It was great to sit down and rest for a bit after being on our feet all morning.

Afterwards we were told that Musselman's had a surprise for us. We were able to plant a special bloggers gala apple tree. We all got to take turns digging the hole for the tree to be planted into. It was such a fun and special experience!

Next, we got to tour the factories and see how the products were made. I really enjoyed getting to see the different tasks that each machine did and how quickly they worked.

We even were able to participate in a yummy Musselman's product taste testing. We were allowed to voice our opinions about the products and ask questions. It was fun to find old and new favorites with the apple sauce and apple butter.

Throughout our tours everyone was truly happy to show us around and answer any questions we had. The staff also cared what we thought and wanted us to voice our thoughts on anything we had to say about the brand.

Later that night we were all treated to a fantastic dinner for our last night on the trip. We were given beautiful glass apples and a cute apple pin.

Kelly and I at dinner

Amanda and Heather with their glass apples

Honestly I couldn't have asked for a better trip experience. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Musselman's staff and other bloggers. The staff treated all of us so kindly and were so happy for us to be visiting. I learned so much and was exposed to other people who have the same blogging passion that I do. I will certainly remember this trip for years to come.

Disclosure* Musselman's provided me with a complimentary trip. All thoughts and opinions are solely mine.


  1. Hello! I am so glad you enjoyed your time with the team from Musselman's! I have been with the company for 4 years and I am still amazed at our process and everything that goes into making our great products! Keep blogging about our goodies! Sincerely, Alesia Reese

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