Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cabot Cheese Review

I have to say that cheese is one of my favorite foods. I love it grated on top of pasta, shredded and melted on pizza, or a small square of it on top of a cracker. It's delicious and it comes in many different varieties and flavors. My favorites are provolone, muenster, asiago, and pecorino. I like trying new types of cheeses too. I think I want some cheese right now!

Cabot cheese is a well-known cheese company that makes many different types of cheese. When I think of cheese, Cabot is the first brand who comes to mind. If you want horseradish, cheddar, sharp cheddar, reduced fat cheddar, or even garlic herb, they have all of those choices and more.

Cheese is the perfect party food, especially for the upcoming winter holidays. What's better than having great conversation over a four cheese dip spread on a toasted wheat cracker?

Cabot sent me two types of cheese for review. I received a garlic and herb cheddar, and a reduced fat cheddar.

A long-time favorite, this mouth-watering mix of flavors brings a delicious new pizzazz to burgers, macaroni & cheese, and all your favorite recipes that call for cheese. And it's unbeatable on a cracker!

The first, and still foremost, reduced-fat cheddar on the market. These award-winning cheddars will melt in your mouth and on the grill! Just 60 calories & 2.5g fat per 1-oz serving.

When these cheeses arrived, I was very excited to try them, especially since I've never had garlic cheese before. I am not the kind of girl to ever turn cheese down. :) I tried the garlic and herb cheddar first. I cut a small piece off and put it on a Wheat Thins cracker. It smelled amazing and was a great milky white color. The garlic flavor was very prevalent although I could taste some of the herbs too. This was definitely a garlic lover's dream. The crunchy wheat cracker combined very well with the flavor of the garlic and it gave the snack a great texture. I loved the combination of the garlic and herbs together, what a great combination. The cheese was creamy and smooth but still firm. It was also very fresh. There was a great sophisticated kick from the garlic too. I liked that I could see all of the bits of herb in the cheese. This cheese would be something unique and different to use in any recipes that you're making that call for cheese. Surprise your family with chicken tacos with some slices of this garlic and herb cheddar on top, they will absolutely love it!

Next, I tried the reduced fat cheddar. Any food in my house is either light or reduced fat, so I was happy to see that I could still have my fantastic cheese but without the guilt. I cook with a lot of cheddar cheese so I was looking forward to sampling some of my go-to cheese. The cheese was a perfect pale yellow color which signifies to me deliciousness. The cheddar smelled amazing and I couldn't wait to try it. I cut myself a piece and tasted it. It was excellent! The cheese was smooth, creamy and bursting with fantastic flavor. The flavor of cheddar was prevalent and I absolutely loved it. It practically melted in your mouth. It was also very fresh too. The cheese did not taste like it was reduced in fat in any way. I had to control myself as to not eat the whole brick in one sitting, it was that good! I would love to shred this over some pasta or even use it for making a pizza. I know it would be fantastic!

Indulge yourself and have some delicious Cabot cheese today. :)


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