Monday, August 8, 2011

Daniel Vincent Jewelry Review

Jewelry and clothes go hand in hand. It's important to accessorize and pair your favorite outfits with fun and unique jewelry. I love when I find a jewelry collection that offers unique and refreshing pieces that stand out from what everyone else is wearing.

Daniel Vincent is a New York City jewelry designer. His sterling silver jewelry is inspired by mother natures most beautiful creation, the rose. Daniel creates bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants, and necklaces. All of the creations are handcrafted in sterling silver or sterling with a 18k yellow gold vermeil. They are completed with an antique finish that give the collection its one of a kind rustic charm. The jewelry is so unique and unlike any that I have ever seen before.

I was sent an assortment of jewelry for review purposes. I received:
Large Stone Onyx Pendant

This pendant is absolutely beautiful. I can tell it was hand-crafted and Daniel Vincent most likely spent hours creating it and the end result is simply gorgeous. I really love antique and antique looking jewelry so this necklace is right up my alley. The onyx stone is beautiful and I love how large it is. Two gorgeous roses sit alongside the edge of the stone. Even though you notice the roses, they don't take away from the star of the show, the onyx. I like how the jewelry has equal balance and you can appreciate the piece as a whole. The clasp on the chain is easy to put on and remove and the necklace is not heavy at all to wear. I love the way it looks on and it lays well and I didn't have to adjust it all when I wore it.

3 Rose Band Set Silver Ring

The rings are a lot smaller in person then they look in the picture. Again, I love the antique feel of the rings a lot. I wear rings on a daily basis and I constantly change them, so it's nice to have more to add to my weekly variety. The set is a tad bit big on, but I will have to get a ring guard or something to make them a little bit more secure on my finger. Even though they are big, I do like the way it looks on. You can wear the ring as a set or wear one by itself too. I love how one ring has a large rose on it, while the other has a very small rose so as to make the set not too overwhelming. The ring is made with quality materials and made to last. The silver has an antique finish to it and the roses are just so pretty. When I tried the set on it was comfortable to wear, it did not feel heavy and I didn't have any issues when it was on my finger.

Vine Heart Necklace

This necklace is my absolute favorite piece out of everything I received. It's so pretty! I love how there's a "vine" wrapped around the outer perimeter of the heart. It's so unique and different. There are a few roses dotted across the vine and it's a nice touch. The only complaint I have with the necklace is that I don't love how the chain is put on. It's on the side of the necklace instead of through the top loop of the heart. Since it's on the side of the necklace, when you wear it lays on an odd angle and you have to fix it to correct it. This necklace is multi-functional, which I love. It would look great at the office and double as a nice evening necklace as well.

High Double Rose Ring

This ring fit me very well actually and I really like it. I've used it as a cocktail ring when going out at night because the rose is so high up and large that it looks like it could be a large stone. The rose has such personality and is created so nicely! I've gotten compliments on it and people have asked me where I got it from. I said Daniel Vincent, a NYC jewelry designer of course! I love the wide band of the ring, which of course supports the large rose on top. The ring is comfortable to wear and hasn't given me any trouble.

Any piece from Daniel Vincent's collection would be a great gift for a flower or rose lover, or even just a jewelry lover! Surprise a friend or family member with a necklace from the collection today, they will absolutely love it! :)

*Photo credit to Daniel Vincent.

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