Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ninja Kitchen System 1100 Review

I'm a huge lover of kitchen appliances. A trip to Williams-Sonoma for me has the same affect that a trip to Bloomingdales has for someone (although I love clothes shopping too.) There's just something enticing and exciting about a shiny new blender or a fast and powerful stand mixer that I can't describe.

Ninja is a house care brand by Euro-Pro that strives to create innovative kitchen products, showcasing design and performance. There are several different Ninja models in the brand. Each appliance juices, blends, chops, mixes, & more, all in one unit! Using a Ninja appliance saves you time, money, and counterspace.

I was sent the Kitchen System 1100 for review purposes.

Experience Ninja's unmatched versatility. Discover how smart-speed technology and our 5-star rated multiple blade system make it easy to juice, blend, chop, and mix just about everything - from frozen drinks and soups to ice cream and pizza dough. It's more than a food processor. It's more than a blender. It's the Ninja Kitchen System.

Ninja Kitchen System Base and 40 oz. Processing Bowl with Blade and Lid

Get the best result every time thanks to easy-to-use controls and a smart design that automatically adjusts the motor speed to the consistency of the ingredients.

72 oz. Pitcher with Blade and Lid

Use the extra large pitcher for tall orders - whether you have a large family, are a health enthusiast, or like to entertain, you can make all the drinks you need and more!

Whisk Attachment, Dough Hook and Dough Paddle

Make homemade dough, batter, and more - easily! Pizza, biscuits, bread, and desserts at the touch of a button!

This unit is amazing. First of all it is very attractive and I love that it's black and chrome. I have a small kitchen with little counter space, so it's hard for me to store too many appliances in it. I do have a blender, mixer, food chopper, and food processor though. It's annoying to have to lug it out and clean it each time I use it. The Ninja is truly revolutionizing my kitchen space! The unit combines all of those appliances in one, and does so many awesome tasks. It makes my life so much easier.

The Ninja is easy to operate and very user friendly. The different attachments are easily attachable and removable as well. You just press the button for whatever you are making and the Ninja goes to work. Whether you want to pulse, chop ice for drinks (there's a button just for that!) dough, or blend, it does it all with ease.

I used the Ninja two days ago to chop large almonds for baking. With my old chopper I had to press the chop button quite a few times to get the desired consistency, it wasn't an automatic fine chop. The Ninja has very sharp blades and almost instantly finely chopped my almonds. I was very impressed and now plan on getting rid of all of my other appliances and making room for the star of the show!

This morning I made a smoothie for breakfast. I put in bananas, strawberries, a few blueberries, some milk, ice, and yogurt. I gave the Ninja a whirl and mere seconds later my breakfast was ready! The smoothie was cold, creamy, and delicious. There were no fruit chunks or unblended particles at all in the drink. The consistency was perfect and delicious. Since it's hot out, it would be fun to make frozen margaritas or strawberry daquiri's. Since the Ninja has a large 72 oz pitcher, it would be awesome for parties.

The Ninja and blades are dishwasher safe to make your life easier. I would love to use the unit for making cookie or pizza dough in the future. I truly love how versatile this machine is. It does any job that you need extremely well. I never thought that I would own a machine that can make cookies, ice cream, dough, chop veggies, and make a milkshake all in one. It looks great sitting on my counter too. Thanks Ninja for changing the way I cook and bake!


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  2. Thanks for this review! I just saw the infomercial for this and was thinking of getting it.

  3. Thanks for the review. I've been thinking about getting one of these.

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  5. hanks for the review i would use this in my kitchen

  6. I have used it for cookie dough and pizza dough, and for making hash browns too.. its awesome.. I love my ninja.. I got rid of my blender I had in garage sale.. this is awesome.. I also made smoothies too.. its awesome..

  7. Thanks for this review.i would like to get it.Swords

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