Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mini Babybel Cheese Review

I'm a cheese fanatic. A delicious piece of cheese bursting with flavor on a cracker is something that I enjoy often. The little things in life make me happy and why not stop and enjoy life with fabulous cheese?

Mini Babybel is known for its unique packaging which consists of a netted bag in which each piece is encased in red wax. Numerous flavors of Mini Babybel are offered across the world. The original Mini Babybel, a Dutch Edam variety, is encased in red wax. There are currently eight flavors offered in the U.S.: Original, Sharp Original, Light, Bonbel, Cheddar, White Cheddar, Swiss, and Gouda.

I’ve always loved Mini Babybel cheeses. They are perfect for throwing in a lunch or bringing them to work for a quick snack. The cheeses are encased in a unique red wax packaging that is very fun to peel too.

Mini Babybel has two new flavors, Sharp Original, and White Cheddar. They sounded delicious and I knew I had to try them!

(What the cheese looks like inside the wax.)

I sampled the White Cheddar flavor first. As I unwrapped the plastic packaging, I knew that the key to my cheesy heart awaited in the red wax packaging. I slowly peeled away the wax casing and the most delicious circle of creamy White Cheddar cheese greeted me. I had never loved shapes as much as I did in that very second! The cheese was a perfect off white color and smelled fabulous. As I took that first bite, my mouth exploded with white cheddar flavor. The cheese was cold, creamy, fabulous, and just utterly perfect. It was smooth and rich and I savored the fantastic flavor and wished it lasted more than a few mere bites. It was the best piece of cheese I’ve had in a while. The cheese was soft and very smooth and I loved that it was creamy but also very firm too.

I tried the Sharp Cheddar next. I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into the second round of cheese delight. As I unwrapped the wax packaging that separated me from the contestant who would win a date with my stomach, I knew that it was going to be delicious. The color was perfect and it looked fantastic and smelled even better. I took a bite and I was instantly met with the flavor of Sharp Cheddar perfection. The flavor was sharp but not too sharp, it was the pefect balance of sweet creamy cheese flavor meets heavenly cheddar flavor. I absolutely loved it! The cold creamy cheese treat was the perfect refreshing treat for a hot summer's day.

The cheese is 100% natural and has no artificial additives. Each Mini Babybel cheese has 60 calories which is not bad at all. You could even splurge and have two and it wouldn't ruin your day's calories. Go ahead and treat yourself today! :)


  1. These are my current addiction!! Believe me, I will eat 2 at a time :-)

  2. You realize it's not 'Sharp Cheddar' as you stated. It's just Sharp Original, like it reads on the packaging in the picture that you included in your article. The Original Red Cheese is actually Edam, not cheddar. lrn2cheese

  3. I eat 6 at a time. Keto FTW.

  4. Just worried about the wax cover it has.. is it good to feed kids??

  5. Just worried about the wax cover it has.. is it good to feed kids??

  6. I love Babybels, especially the ones with the green wrapping; I can't remember the flavor. The only thing that can keep me away from these heavenly cheese rounds is a restraining order. I totally understand the obsession :3