Saturday, June 4, 2011

Black and Decker Steam Mop Review

I've been aware of Black and Decker products for years. They are known for their stylish appearance as well as reliability and durability. My toaster oven is Black and Decker and I've had great results with it for the year that I've owned it. This company produces products that are essential in life and provide excellent results.

Black and Decker provides consumers with products that help make everyday living and working easier and more efficient. They've been doing it for 100 years, and they plan to continue doing so, with the same passion and innovation.

I was sent a Black and Decker Steam Mop for review purposes. I have used it once already and completely fallen in love with it and don't know how I never cleaned with one before!

(Showing how it easily gets into tight corners.)
(Goes under furniture with ease.)

The steam mop is very easy to use. All you do is fill the tool with water and you're good to go. The cleaning device is ready quickly with its speedy 15-second heat-up time. A ready-to-go tank illumination changes from red to blue so users know when the water reaches the correct temperature for use. With swivel steering, users can maneuver easily around furniture and into corners, and the Black & Decker Steam-Mop automatically shuts off the steam when parked upright for those quick pauses during cleaning. This device is really fantastic because it truly focuses on the needs of a consumer. If you're a parent and you have to quickly attend to your child in the middle of your chores, the steam mop has you in mind so you aren't wasting steam and leaving the unit burning energy and power.

The steam mop has a very unique feature called smart select technology. With this unique technology, simply turn the dial to the specific floor type―sealed hardwood/laminate, tile/vinyl, or stone/marble―and the mop automatically releases the right amount of steam. SmartSelect helps to achieve a worry-free, deep down clean on all sealed hard floors and is even safe on sealed hardwoods. This is such an awesome feature that really makes my cleaning easier. Instead of using too much or too little steam, I am using just the right amount for my floor type.

I used this steam mop the other day to clean my floors and I was truly amazed. The device is not heavy or bulky to push at all and it went underneath my couch and around tight corners with ease! It is very lightweight and it makes me enjoy cleaning, instead of looking at it like a chore. The unit is attractive and stylish to boot. I love that it uses reusable and washable microfiber pads instead of pads that are disposable and become costly in the long run. A really convenient feature about the device is that it has a hands-free pad removal for easy release by simply stepping on the pad to remove it.

The fabulous thing about the mop is that it doesn't use a harsh cleaning solution that is harsh smelling or toxic to children and animals. You use regular tap water to wipe out 99.9% of germs to achieve a clean home the all-natural way. Parents of kids and pets alike will enjoy this quick and easy way of achieving a thorough clean. The steam is powerful and coats my floors evenly and quickly with the germ fighting power of steam. The mop holds enough water to run for about 25 minutes continuously which gives me enough time to do a few rooms at a time. I truly felt like my floors were clean when I was finished using the mop and I was impressed. The steam dried quickly and didn't leave a shiny residue like some cleaning mops do. I was truly satisfied with the results and will definitely recommend this cleaning tool to everyone I know. It revolutionizes your cleaning!


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  2. I love how the steam mop and get under furniture and under the kitchen counter area. I have the most trouble with close to the baseboards. I love steam mopping so much better than chemical cleaning especially when you have children. Thank you for the review post